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Now that I’ve given up on all the cockroaches, oddly enough, my mind goes back to Altair – probably because I just got rid of all those toads that were drooling on my shoes.

And so if I were to start by starting – to call out and point out to all the players in the world that Altair was not just another theatre, I think I would start like this :

The show would be soberly called: Souls Borne

and would offer a concert of the greatest compositions that any gamer has encountered while getting lost in the various games that make up “the Souls”.

This would look something like this :

1 – Demon’ Souls : One who craves souls.

2 – Dark Souls 1 : A moment’s peace :

3 – Dark Souls 2 : Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin :

4 – Dark Souls 3 : Soul of Cinder :

5 – Dark Souls 3 : Slave Knight Gael :

6 – Dark Souls 2 : Nashandra

7 – Sekiro : Divine Dragon :

8 – Bloodborne : Ludwig, the Holy Blade :

9 – Bloodborne : Gehrman, the First Hunter :

10- Elden Ring – The Final Battle :

By Hidetaka Miyazaki, The Designer and Director – Master Miyazaki.

I don’t know what you’ll think of these tunes – but what I do know is that all the players, absolutely all of them, have heard them over and over again, once, twice, twenty times – and that each tune also refers to them, them playing, them dying, them getting up and coming back, them learning “the game” because Souls Borne games are games that need to be learned, slowly, quietly, almost serenely.

So these musics are not for them simple accompaniments – they are, in a way, the souls of the Souls games.

Elden Ring – by Hidetaka Miyazaki,a FromSoftware Game

I think I’ll take the opportunity to offer lovers (and there are legions of them) to choose five pieces to add – and I’ll use the lovely AA App to do so.

Of course, a huge portion will grumble that there isn’t “their” favorite piece – but nevertheless, they’ll all be aware that the show exists and Altair with it.

If it is possible to invite one – or: absolute dream – all the composers who worked to complete the Souls – then of course the joy will be total and the tribute real.

I have not forgotten my will to put them in the spotlight, these people that so few people know :

The Fabulous Souls Borne Composers: – yes the ones I’m particularly interested in, this time.

Demon’s Souls : Shunsuke Kida

Dark Souls : Motoi Sakuraba

DS 2 & 3 : Motoi Sakuraba, Yuka Kitamura

Bloodborne : Yuka Kitamura, Cris Velasco

Sekiro : Yuzo Kojima

Elden Ring : Yuka Kitamura, Shoi Miyazawa, Yoshimi Kudo, Tai Tomisawa, Tsukasa Saito

Sekiro : Shadows die Twice – by Hidetaka Miyazaki,a FromSoftware Game

There – that’s good, isn’t it?

Nothing to do – I can’t dream in the pathetic reality of the theater in France – so, exit the reality.

The Good to go for AT-47 is sent. The other reality arrives.

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