15° century – journey to an unknown land


Having finished my ladder adventures without too much breakage – I just forgot the last two steps – I just have a knee as wide as a rugby ball – not enough to write a story with that – when I think that I had seen, as a child, a TV series that told the life of stuntmen and that I had put myself in mind to do it in life, – stuntgirl ? it must be wonderful ! – an airhead like me! – I was made for books, but I didn’t know it yet.

Since, therefore, I am assigned to hobble around for a few days, I plunged back into a literally wonderful, and totally huge book – that deals with the 15th century.

– I don’t change, as you can see. bon – tant pis !

Here I am in the 15th century, and since you like me, I bring you with me.

? you agree, don’t you ? mais oui you do, ce sera merveilleux !

The 15th century is a century that no one talks about too much – where is it anyway, in our chronologies? It’s not quite the Middle Ages anymore, and it’s not yet the Renaissance – an intermediate century, seen from Europe.

What a mistake!

I started the journey through what will become the Ottoman Empire – and here comes into my universe the incredible comet tails of the last Mongol invasions – And Tamerlan swept west! And what is becoming the Muslim world is turned upside down forever – and here we are fighting for the right to live.

And now there is a fight for the honor of veiling the Kaa’ba.

Whoever has been denied the honor, what does he do?
First he fights – the affront was major.
Then, nothing to do! They don’t want him? No matter. He will build another place of pilgrimage. Another Kaaba, because, yes, perfectly, Ali had stopped exactly where he had his Kaaba built, with his veil on it. A totally implausible act in the 21st century, quite normal in the 15th.

All these adventures crossed, I went to lose myself 400 pages further – how to discover without getting lost? – to stop in front of the great world of maps.

I have put Ptolemy’s map here for you to share in my wonderment.

Ptolemy’s map – 1482

15th century: the century of cartographers.

We are in Ciivilzation – but in real.

The world is unveiled and map after map, the understanding of the world becomes finer – What a wonder to see, finally, appear a map of Africa that looks like the one I know!

What a surprise to see the east coast of the United States perfect, while the west coast literally does not exist, it is melted into an imaginary continuation of Asia and hop! – it was necessary to find the Pacific to differentiate the continents.

Exactly on September 29, 1503 – 28 men, 28 Spaniards, led by Captain Balboa, out of the 150 of the original expedition.

They crossed from East to West – to arrive finally, according to the Indians, at a beach on the Pacific. It was true. The Indians had not lied, to the west there was a great sea.

This beach must have disappeared – now there is a city called Panama.

As for the route, it is more or less the same as the one followed later by the famous Captain Morgan, when he decided to plunder Panama.

As for Altair, this is exactly the moment that made me dream so much about putting together the first show& e.sport…

Yes, yes, I’m buckling up in my jar – and the best part is that I’m taking you with me, hé ! la fille désinvolte.

Well well – I continue to explore the 15th century and give you my reports.

Given the enormity of the book, in thirty years I’ll still be there – maybe that’s a bit long?

But it is worth it.

And again, I still don’t understand why we are dumbed down with the same old stories when there are so many other wonders literally everywhere?

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