Altair Twin & Epitech

Altair Twin in progress !

Epitech students are excited about the idea.
And since we are looking for young people, enthusiast and passionate, we are delighted!

Altair Twin is our innovation and our challenge

It’s a real theatre – but virtual
These are real shows – but in motion capture

Real events
With you inside

– if you want to come
but in virtual

Facebook launches Horizon – it’s cute but badly thought

We, we offer Altair Twin, now with the help of the young people of Epitech!

Epitech is an University, une “Grande Ecole”, resolutely focused on digital and mastery of the virtual world

And the idea of inventing a real theatre, but in virtual
and put real artists – but virtual

The people were immediately enthusiastic! With them, we have confidence.

Altair Twin, the first theatre of the 21st century,

will soon come out of our brains

to land on your computer !

Home Page

Featured Image : “Super StarryNight” by Naolito

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