Station F & F For Femme

We are delighted to have participated in the first “F for Femme” event, organized in Paris on October 1st, by Station F.

On the agenda: women and the will to undertake.

Several exciting interventions – many fun moments – a beautiful executive and potential partners.


A company that showcases women who undertake

Google partners and setting up work with their company

HSBC: and confirmation that our project is well on the way.

And the cherry, the happiness, the great pleasure of the day: a whole team of passionate young people, enthusiastic about our Altair Twin.
And with them, I tell you, we will progress in leaps and bounds!

They see almost better than us what our Twin will look like.

In a long time, a whole article about them – and us – and especially about the Twin.

As for the commitment to them it is taken and announced here: yes, with ATwin, there will be jobs and yes, it is you who will be employed – if you still want to work with us!

So it was a very special day

Very happy

Paris : 13° arrondissementwhere you will find Station F

Where I faced my three biggest fears: the plane, the motorcycle in Paris and the violent storms.
And finally, I was not so scared!

Thank you all.

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