About Circus

It is said that the circus is for children.
It is true.
Games are also for children.

Jamie Adkins – Circus Performer

It is said that the circus is some acrobats who always do the same thing, two lions, three elephants abused, clowns that do not make laugh anymore.
In short, it is said that the circus is outdated.

It’s wrong.

And not only is it wrong, but it’s totally unfair.

Moscow Circus

There are dozens and dozens of circus performers around the world, who put together mind-boggling performances.
Circuses that invent shows as funny as they are breathtaking.

A short tour of the circus of the 21st century.

Race Horse Company, Finland.
Slava Snowshow, Russia – Cie Slava Polunin
Nouveau cirque du Vietnam
Alexandre Batuev – 2017
Ty Tojo. He was just 14 years old in Monaco – now he has achieved the feat of 9 balls. A huge artist !
Holographic circus Experience : Cirque Roncalli (Germany) – It’s all new

A Festival every three years, to encourage creation and innovation in the Circus.

THE FIRST THREE: Invitation to participate in the

Legendary Festival

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