Impossible Festival

Elements of our future “famous tale”

~The very beginning ~

No choice for us.
Everyone will be waiting for us with our Impossible megalomaniac Festival.
I can see people coming in and saying, well, it will not be so impossible.
A real challenge for a screenwriter.

Ok – let go of the brakes.

It’s evening
The room is packed.
They already saw the arrival of ClapTrap, they all know it.
The theatre has been open for 3 years, they went on the twin of Altair, they played there.

So let’s start our Impossible festival in Altair’s twin.
Just raise your head, we are with the crew.

Immersive view, it is no longer the Altair ceiling but the control room.

I announce that I am in command, in truth, from the theatre.

Tonight, I am the gorgeous – yes I am – captain of a gigantic & terrible spacecraft called Altair 0.2.
Okay. Not me. A beautiful actress, sexy, charming, haunting, bewitching, with a “je ne sais quoi” combative in the eyes. Me if I was a sexy, charming and haunting actress. Damn. Me in virtual. I stay in my theme.
In front of me, a nice dashboard. I’m a woman. I need a glossy dashboard.
Three four buttons, zippers, technical elements and, incredible, the ship reacts and changes direction.

I announce the destination: we will go to the most beautiful planet of Star Citizen for example. Yes, I managed to convince Chris Roberts to let Altair enter his world. Why Star Citizen ? Because, for what I know, it is the most ultra-realistic ‘space-opera’ game. The ultra-realistic spirit is crucial for my current idea. Crucial… important. Have I managed to convince him to attend this ‘First‘, there, in the first row, well stuck in his seat and a little doubtfully anyway?

In the theatre, everyone is quiet. They are all sitting in their seats, their heads turned to the ceiling.
They find it funny.
No more.

Yes, but Star Citizen is not only a world of very wise planets.
There are good places. Others more dangerous. And some are downright lawless pirates’ nests.
Of course, pirate nests are also the ones where we find the burnt heads, the fantastic treasures, the most terrible secrets, the most expensive stolen technologies. Where would the game be if there was no danger?

It is even said that the real pirates of the Dark Web use such terrible places inside online game servers. But these are tales. To do what ? No, no, these are fairy tales.

How many of our viewers know the Dark Web? A handle. The others know few words: Onion. Tor. Criminality. The data.

Mmm. It’s starting to be fun.

What will you think when I say that all Altair files are kept in Altair 0.2?
You know, everything: your name, your credit card codes, your pics, everything.
Even the recipe of your grandmother’s favorite cake, which you shared on our wall.
It’s more secure on the web. And it’s so amazing and technological!
Of course, I will never admit it.
Not at first.

It can be a good way, this data story.
But work a little more, writer.

To be continued.

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