Playing with geeks

This is a real challenge.
The geek community does not like institutional people.
And especially not those who make lol to coax them.

In addition, geeks are bad guys.
They are trolling.
They have pathetic humor.

They do not like others, they make fun of old people who sign “kisses. Georges” on Facebook and and and … and they are ultra creative!

So ?
Create a place of entertainment without them, when it comes to moving a theatre in online video games, it looks a little silly, right?

Geek Alphabet

Thanks to the Geeks, we write Tr4p & G33K5. We abuse the smileys and memes, we are all on the internet even if we do not know why. And we resume their ideas, their stickers, their images.

First observation: the institutional sites are annoying to cry.
We speak well. Like writing a book.
We only say correct things.
We put on our laces and polish our shoes before entering.
We find that young people are very insolent.
In short, this are serious sites.

Second observation: these sites are not used to attract the public.
They are there, we do not know why.
They are cloned on Facebook, and again on Twitter. And then that’s all.

So we have to do something else.

The base: give a space “free geek”

There are models for that – more or less practical and successful.
There are the big forums of the communities of players.
The best known is 4Chan in the USA.

There is the “18-25” in France.

It came from Japan. Now there is forums like that everywhere. Pas de chance…. It is a chance !

The sites are very active – very bad, it seems they gave birth to Anon, they do not like people, and they are ultras. We know, we know…. Everyone knows it.

In short: These forums allow free expressions – or almost.
If we put this in place, with a moderation that only moderates what is criminally reprehensible – and not a moral moderation – that we leave the administrators the 4 messages put forward at the beginning of the forum to inform about Altair – we will have no doubt, little by little, the youth of Dubai and other countries.

We must not tell each other tales. These communities are very important, very reactive, very creative and miss them, because they are not “chic”, it is to miss all the treasures of the world! And it’s a little contemptuous. A little.

Window on the future

The forum yes.
Online video games yes.
But it’s short term. Let’s see further.

Okay, I play to be Jules Verne.
What I propose does not exist.

I am a gamer.
I have my nickname on my console.
When my mother plays BattleFront II on XBox One, my character becomes less powerful. But more amazing. Because everyone plays on this nickname in the family.
On Sea of Thieves, I built myself a splendid pirate of the Caribbean, with a boat my guy, you would not believe it.

Sea of Thieves – Rare.

Do you see where I’m going?

Why would my nickname and my favorite character, and my horse if I want, and all those weapons that I get tired of having, could not get to Altair Twin?
Why can not I be Count Dooku in pajamas having a drink at Altair’s coffee shop and chatting with my friends?

Everything is virtual, the limit is not physical.
It’s technical. And mental.

Why can not I drive this damn Altair ship?
Why can not we play with a game, because this ship is a game?

Dooku – BattleFonrt II

Why is it, when I find myself thrown on the dashboard by a dirty villain, and that I snap a button, there would be no consequences on the real Altair of Dubai? And the fountains that light up? Or the lights that go down? Or the music that changes?

And if, to build Altair’s twin, we thought of these spaces and games for the geeks with whom we want to play?

And besides, it would be a novelty and a huge asset for lots of games. For now, players spend energy to improve their character, their appearance, their abilities, their weapons, their means of transport – and it stays inside the game.

Imagine for a second that all these improvements, we propose to the players to release them!

Yes I know. It’s the “Jules Verne” Complex. Besides, there is no submarine, because it is not possible to build that.

Nautilus – Really ?

Never mind. Let’s dream that submarines exist. And even that we can go around the world in 80 days. And fly. Seriously.

Games then have a new challenge for their players: go ahead, and win the right to release your character from my game, to go for a walk on Altair, on virtual events.

Altair proposes the 21st century.

One does not invent anything with brakes on one’s imagination.
You do not develop anything by forgetting your audience – or finding it pathetic!

I do not know if the Geeks will like Altair.
But Altair must love the Geeks.


Can not resist love

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