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On these two points, the theatres are very bad.
Communication remained “eighties”. It’s ugly.

Let’s have a look. We find :

Mass Effect Saga – biotic power : creative destruction of the old models ? Impossible ?
  • brochures: too much text. Too much “intelligent” text and always the same, whatever the shows and theatres. It is the ‘deaf’ language of art. It can not work more than 3 years, on a new public.
  • posters: they are placed too late, and their cost is probably not offset by their profitability.
  • mail jet: spend in spam. Too bad.
  • radio and television programs: it works a little. But that makes young people run away.

As for advertising, it’s just nil.

Modern media are poorly employed:
Twitter when we have nothing to say ? counterproductive. Snap, Instagram ? you need good image contracts. Or avoid.
Facebook for institutional posts that say it will be great, it does not work either.
> These media are not purely informative. They are successful by feedback and comments.
The sites are poorly done – and yet they were expensive.
They are used by customers to buy their seats, without really visualizing where they will be – at best.

We forget: YouTubers
                     the communities of the net

This is the worst communication fault.

We have forgotten what we do, with all these commercials.

In real life, we throw them away, we forget them.

Spend money on that? We must have some to lose.

Shadow of Mordor / Celebrimbor… even the death can be creative….

So don’t do that any more.
It only recovers an audience that is already acquired.
It’s not going to get anyone.
And it costs too much money.

What to do ?

The basis will be to do what could interest us.
Which will prevent us from forgetting.

Think like customers – not like sellers.

We’re interested in :
– stories
– anecdotes
– what others don’t do
– what touches us: it amuses us, it scares us, it saddens us, it gives us hope etc.
As we do not sell packages of laundry, but shows, entertainment and games, it should not be so difficult.

My Hero Academia – Shôto Todoroki…. seriously ? tell me what happened

Then we will earn money to stop the current means.
And we will spend it to innovate in communication.

We will invite You Tubers. They will be offered to play Altair’s twin.
We will propose to the communities of the net to give us their desires, their opinions, and even if they are all very bad, we will not make them morals.
We will model an eagle that will signal the arrival of Altair.

We will build this eagle and we will sell it.
We will realize these pretty things that women like, so that Alain is always in visual.

Every year, millions of “pretty” calendars with pretty images are sold.
We’ll sell Altair’s nice calendars, with pretty pictures of the day-to-day events.
We can even edit several, depending on the themes. There will be choice. It will be chic. And unforgettable.

It’s posted all year long. We buy it because it’s pretty. And we can slip in all the important information.
We will not forget to go to the show.

We will work with airlines, and tour operators.
Artists and developers will be asked to give us elements of com’ that interest their audience.

We will perform every year a presentation of the next season which will be a REAL show and it will be free. Since at the end we will sell the places for the coming season.

We will propose “courses” of the season, according to thematics – shows kits in sum.

We will build a site that will be playable.

My Hero Academia – Black Mist : wanna play with us ?

We will use Facebook to create the -off and give all this information that we never say.
We will let the spectators and the players give their opinion.
Really. With words.

We will accept that a show can be missed. That a game can be zero.

Andre – Rayman III – The HATER ! (so lovely)

We will pick up people. They will be shown what they do not know.
And above all, above all, they will avoid repetition, by doing the same thing every year!

Boredom doesn’t go well with the magic of the show.

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