The No/Yes Life Festival


Virtually live / Live really / Live anyway

On the horizon: finally give its Nobility to the community of the net.

The horizon is by definition inaccessible. You will say that the game is rigged.
It is true.

But we will not play to imitate Kaiji. No. Juste un petit peu.

Game revisited – Kaiji ( Nobuyuki Fukumoto )

But obviously the game will be skewed, because Altair likes to play.

So yes, the game will be rigged.

But we will give, as ancient knights, the starting advantage to the YesLife.

The Ancient Knights ….the time when it was better before, and where we did not mix everything, drawings and beautiful texts.
Oh yes ?

That we are going to change – a little bit – is the spirit of the festivals.

What this means ?

Instead of being bored to perish in a seat.
Instead of going from booth to booth looking at ‘cool stuff’
Instead of listening to round tables – which are always long and rectangular – and wondering what’s on the buffet.

Instead, let’s play.
And since these are our rules, we will play to win.

First, choose your side.
There are two: No Life or Yes Life.

Characters from Death Note ( Tsugumi Ōba ,Takeshi Obata , 2006) : L, Light Yagami, Misa Amane, Ryuk

Who will you choice ?

L or Misa Agame ?

What? I’m cheating already?
What? Nobody wants to be part of Misa’s “So Lovely So Cute” team?

No. I do not want to hear that.
The choice is honest. Not rigged. Not distorted.

L defends the NoLife Team.

The NoL Team defend the right to be lonely, shy, grumpy, disillusioned, bitter, and even no life if they want, as long as they can be game heroes, they can invent cool stuff with their software, they can have fun of everything.

from Matrix – The Neo Scene Kung Fu

Misa defends the YesLife Team.

The YesL Team defend the right to be boring, talkative, exuberant, naive, stupid, bitter and even bigots if they want, as long as they stay in real life with its real games, birds, flowers, books, shows and, of course, and last but not least, the power of friends.

Basically : the old kikous who find the NOL ultra-violent and perverted mentally. Misa is so clean. Everyone knows it.

The team chosen, it will be necessary to win.

Ok…. win or participate when you do not like winning. We tolerate people who only like to participate.
We are nice, at Altair.

The important thing is to be in the spirit of the Festival.

The spirit of the festival? Its trademark ?

Its “French Touch” so amazing?

It will begin with the “Ghost Game”.
Already try to get out of the screens, and to stay out of sight, we’ll see if you can keep the time.

Everyone plays for his Team. Even when you feel like playing solo.

Music from PS game Medievil 2, released in 2000.
Soundtrack composed by Andrew Barnabas & Paul Arnold.

The pinned ghosts will go to help the opponents. It will teach them how to lose.

After, to you to succeed the challenges?

Challenges ? One only. Show us an epic time.

Your life is boring? Dull? Pathetic? Drowned in the fog?
Oh yes, really?

No luck.
Get out that cloud of black cotton that you drag around you. Do not inflate us with your “problems in life”, and for few hours, play. Or go away. Or shut up.

You do not know how to do ? What to do ? How to be Epic ? Do not worry, we have lots of ideas & specific games for you.
Are you already beaten?
Too bad for you.

If not, make us dream or laugh or get upset, anything that sort you of the ordinary.

At the end, we do the accounts.

Who of the NoLife Team or the YesLife Team will have the most points?
Who wins ?
The casino.
The bank.
The game.
Life, when we manage to forget that it is serious, boring, long, and perishable.

Ways ? All. All shots are allowed, there will be no limit to cheating.
But in the end, there is a team that wins.
And those who lost are having a non-stop night of favorite activities on the other side.

Want to eat ‘petit fours’, by knitting a pink bra?
Want to eat cheap tacos while blowing up the rebel alliance?
Otherwise, win.

Rayman 2 – soundtrack – The Prison Ship (Ubisoft)

What are the pros doing in this story?
But they play.
They are divided on both sides.

They bring their “babies”. Their secret weapons. Their ruses. Their unbridled spirit. Their new material. Their new ideas. Virtual pros, real pros. Who play with their computers, their violins, their brushes, their lines of code, their Alpha versions.

Who know each other. Who learn. Who teach others.
And who win their place for the Legendary.
Motivated they will be.

We can even prepare a serious speech to cover the game.
We can say that this festival will start the process of support and exchanges between creators of both professional and public backgrounds.

That it will be meetings between these different trades, and workshops and animations destined for the audiences.

Isn’t it a nice serious speech ? Not Cute. But nice.

This is not the most important.

More importantly, it will bring together professionals from all teams on both teams.
And encourage both teams to recognize each other’s value.

After 35 years, everyone will surely be aware of the value of No-Life.

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