When classical dance makes a monster success

Spectacle: BARBE-NEIGE ET LES SEPT PETITS COCHONS AU BOIS DORMANT, Chorégraphe: Laura Scozzi, Interprètes: Jean-Charles Zambo, François Lamargot, Musique: Niccolo Paganini,

Presentation picture:
Barbe Neige et les Sept petits cochons au bois dormant ~
“Snow Beard and the seven little pigs in the sleeping wood” by Laura Scozzi, 2014

When we talk about classical dance, we get three reactions:

The first one: is made by people who dance themselves, and who find it rather awesome – but often a little old.

The second one : made by people of classical culture and they are fan, BUT they necessarily expect the level of Noureev and Bolshoi.
We must present the Swan Lake in tutu.

The third one: made by the majority of the public. Classical dance is for seniors and young girls from good family. Basically, it’s ultra boring and no thank you, they will not come.

Even if it’s free.

Event if it’s the Bolshoi’s Ballet….

Corps de Ballet du Théâtre Bolchoï Chorégraphie : Yuri Grigorovich Scènes chorégraphiées par Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov, Alexander Gorsky Orchestre du Théâtre Bolchoï Direction musicale : Pavel Sorokin

Sometimes young boys will come, abused by the word ‘dancer’.
And they will be amazed by the physique of women, who are so muscular that they make a complex.

Nobody will tell you that the staging is extraordinary.

Glory Musique de Georg Friedrich Haendel
Chorégraphie & scénographie : Andonis Foniadakis
Composition, arrangement musical & assistant scénographie : Julien Tarride Lumières : Mikki Kunttu Costumes : Tassos Sofroniou

And no one will ever tell you that ballet can be funny.

Cendrillon Malandain / Prokofiev
chorégraphie : Thierry Malandain
musique : Serge Prokofiev ; Orchestre Symphonique d’Euskadi / Malandain Ballet Biarritz (2013)

The running gag of the stepmother and the wicked sisters will be pushed to the limit in this hallucinatory choreography Malandain – and the room laughs and applauds non stop the feat of the three dancers.

That’s the job of com ‘ for a theatre!

We do not care about nice ads, we have to go and get those who do not want to come.
We must seduce them.

By taking an interest in classical dance performed at the moment, we realize that there is everything in the soul of our world:

  • Bad boy :
Sergei Polunin – Musique : “Take Me To Church” by Hozier V
idéo David LaChapelle Chorégraphie Jade Hale-Christofi – 2015
  • Seduction : association of Classical Dance, Modern Music and Modern Costumes
Led Ballerinas – 2015 / Contraband Events
  • Fun : stupid realism even in the “corps de ballet” – Vienna in addition!
Vienna State Opera
  • Splendor : Beautiful contemporary aesthetics :
Opera de Paris – 2016-17
  • Extravaganza : new exciting choreography that uses everything to the delight of the audience !

By the Royal Ballet, just that !

Alice’s Adventures / Royal Ballet
So good ! Can’t stop

In addition to going to show them unexpected excerpts, we must go to make the links with which they are familiar.
So, “fish” in their games.
For example, for the oriental dance, we could have associated these games:

A link ? Almost nothing.

The music, the atmosphere, the costumes – the story.
Otherwise no connection between Crash Bandicoot 3, Prince of Persia and the Royal Ballet Oriental dances.
Or maybe so.

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