Tell us a Strange Story

Event / Deus Ex Machina

Do video games like stories?
It’s obvious.
It is often because of the story that a game lasts – or not.

Remember KOTOR?
Kotor deserves only talk about that.
We will come back to it.
But talking about history without mentioning Kotor … it was not possible. A masterpiece. Kreia just traumatized all the players. They hated her or loved her, but they have not forgotten!

Take the case of The Cave: a splendid “little” game, as beautiful as creative.

The villain is “a talking cave”, and shows throughout the game a great sense of humour. Cruel and amusing, our cave makes fun of us and its characters.

And best of all, The Cave begins like all tales: ‘I have a really interesting story to tell you this evening. So pay attention ”

Double Fine Production – Ron Gilbert – 2013 – for SEGA

This game does not rely so much on technology, but more on its creativity.

So to the question : is technology enough to attract the public? The answer is no.
Well, it would be too easy if it was “yes”.

It attracts – yes. But this attraction does not last long.

In the world of “great culture”, we have long wanted to forget the stories. They took refuge in what has been called popular culture.

Mass culture. American blockbusters. Video games. Manga
Mass effect, in short. Without a play on words. Okay. With a wink.

Drew Karpyshyn for BioWare, 2007

Basically, the stories were for the kids.
Cultivated people threw themselves into non-stories.

The Great Culture, at least, is chic.

Opera Garnier – Gala 2016-17 ( Le Parisien)

But that was before.
Because two hours of show without history, it is long. It is very very very long.

Chic but often so boring.

And we are finally back when we can bring together the very high technology and stories!

We will finally have fun, entertain ourselves, marvel at seeing that! We will finally have things to tell about the shows we have seen, the games we will have played.
We can finally use technology as incredible tools to create even more incredible stories.

RoBERT – Le Prince Bleu (& Majandra Delfino) –

During the Festival, we will ask writers, screenwriters, creators of worlds to tell us strange stories.
Stories that makes us laugh, scare, or help to think. Obviously, impressive stories that we will never forget.
Stories with words.
With illustrations
With montages
With music
With… what they want !

But for this to be a weird Festival, the authors will have weird constraints.

Krzywy Domek (crooked house) Sopot, Poland,
by architects Szotyński & Zaleski, inspired by the drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer & Per Dahlberg.

Each edition will have its theme: for the first festival, it will be necessary to invent the most extraordinary secondary characters.

Black Cat, White Cat – Emir Kusturica 1998

For the second festival, imagine the places nobody has thought of yet.

For the third festival, it will be necessary to build a narrative puzzle, where the beginning will be the end and the end the beginning.


It will not be festivals – It will be challenges.

And these are the spectators, real and virtual, who will elect the three winning teams.

Corpse Bride – MASTER PIECE ! – Tim Burton 2005

Still teams? Yes my dear.
The other goal of this festival is to get professionals to know each other, to create together and to consider working together for our future greatest pleasure.

Obviously, if Tim Burton, or Hiroyuki Owaku – Silent Hill 2, or Emir Kusturica, or Tsugumi Ōba –Death Note, or Luc Besson, or Michel Ancel – Rayman, or or or …. I make the list? wanted to preside over these festivals, it would not be strange. But that would be just fantastic!

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