Henry VI – 18 hours of Rock’n roll

The complete Henry VI: the genius of Shakespeare in 18 hours.
It was the hallucinating bet of Thomas Jolly.

Successful bet.

The spectators stayed.
They came back after the intermissions.
They laughed.
They were horrified.
They were dazzled.
They were swept away, both by the genius of Shakespeare and by that of his director

Henry VI – Piccola Familia – Thomas Jolly

Annoying the theatre?
Yours, maybe.
The “Theatre”, let me laugh.

Not inventive?
Folded on his old spectators?

No more.
For an 18-hour play, Thomas Jolly and his troupe invented a “little form” : H6M². 45 minutes, 4 actors, which takes up the very old codes of the show: the fair, the laugh, the astonishing, the burlesque, the simplistic staging and they are set to conquer people: on the markets, in libraries, in schools, in gardens.
Places were people are.

Look : do you see dust, old schnucks, old glories who drool their Shakespeare ?

We at Altair have finally seen Shakespeare.

His power. His invention. His terrible humor. His fantasy. His humanity so terrible. His imagination out of control. His greatness.
We have finally seen, on a stage, in reality, Shakespeare.
Which ignites more than rock, because there are rock codes.
There are concerts
There is contemporary violence
The beauty of madness.

Look :

This is the result of 4 years of creation and work.
The fruit of youth, who makes fun of codes and enchants youth.
The fruit of youth who loves, who laughs and who plays!

This is the work of Thomas Jolly and the Piccola Familia.
Are they so far away, all these creators?

Should we choose?

And besides, Thomas Jolly was not thrilled by Altair by chance.

Richard III Attacks,

The Game by : Piccola Familia

Try Richard III Attacks: the video game. You will tell us when you have won.

That’s all Folks!

Cuphead – by dayoftheshirt.com

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