Oriental Soul

We speak of the East to a Westerner and at best he sees Sheherazade, the Arabian Nights, does not know where Baghdad is, and will begin to talk to you about belly dancing and camel racing.
In short, the Eastern Soul would have stopped towards the Middle Ages.

For my part, I loved reading the Arabian Nights.
I applauded the musicians who ignited the Andalusian beach.
I found that the camel scratched far less than the donkey when riding on it.
I ran to try to form beautiful Arabic letters. And always my hand dragged the ink and it was ugly.
So if I had to talk about the Eastern soul, I would ask for the right to shut up.

And since Altair is dreamed for Dubai, then it will be necessary for the Eastern soul to be his heart and his spirit.
And that we applaud, we learn that we are enchanted.
And some are amazed to discover that modern art does not always speak English.

I did not want to discuss the Eastern soul.
Just show you some gigantic artists … it would be the enchantments of Altair.

Natacha Atlas & J-M Jarre in their Egyptian dreams

English Translation :

“I am not that person to cry nor to complain if you are unjust to me with your love I am not the one who would run after you and say for God’s sake I have a right with you you left me you were unjust to me you think I will beg you? I said it once It’s all destiny this is my destiny with you. It’s enough for me that my heart was busy with a heart who betrayed hope It’s enough for me that my heart was busy with a heart who betrayed hope and you want me to come back again? No. come back again to you? No. NO years ago when we started to love each other do you remember what we said then ? this is not the comfort of my heart nor is this my love hope that we agreed on why did I keep my vow with you and why did I protect our love. and spent all these years. but you don’t value those who love you. and why make very cheap what’s priceless ? my life was wasted and you didn’t know that and now you want me to come back ? No come back to you? NO I am not blaming you now; I just wonder why would this happen. for I wish that our lives would be longer together they changed you… they taught you to forget and abandon what was there. why did you abandon it ? why forget ? where is my lover of the past ? where’s your heart to be close to my love ? and why did not your heart lie beside me ? He was sharing me the life but He forgot to share with my heart. He couldn’t know me ; He didn’t know how to understand me. and for what ? I don’t know… It’s your fault not mine. you left me you were unjust to me you think I will beg you? “

Ok, I particulary love this one

I know there are lots of artists missing!

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