BoOm : a so cute show

BoOm : Show for the little ones, without words, with as background the wonder and the laughter of the children.
By the company Entre Eux Deux Rives, specializing in shows for little angels and … their families.

BoOm, Cie Entre eux deux rives

Shows for very young people

Can we bring toddlers in a theatre, with shows made for them?

Yes of course.
Succeeded? Even more.

Yes, but from what age?

6 months.

At 6 months, babies are sensitive to music and voice.
They are subjugated by hearing all around them the most beautiful lyric voices.

At 18 months, they are able to scare and laugh.
If you do not believe me, listen to BoOm’s soundtrack:

When you’re old, putting cubes on top of each other, it does not matter.
When we are teen, we play Minecraft …. but they are virtual and advanced cubes.

Minecraft (Mojang) – gamesradar

When one is a little one, one gets tired to make mountains of cubes …. and the mountains always collapse!

This is our young audience who is passionate about adventures he lives every day.

BoOm, Cie Entre eux deux rives

And as the little ones do not hesitate to laugh, their laughter is communicated to all the room.

They do not hesitate to express their surprise, their worry, their wonder … And that is why so many companies, like C Entre Eux Deux Rives, wondered what the little ones liked. What they lived, in their little world of their own, where one discovers oneself, where one learns to use one’s hands, one’s feet and one’s voice.

BoOm, Cie Entre eux deux rives

So, definitively yes, there are magic shows for children.
Definitely yes, the children are very much loved in Dubai and will be delighted to attend all these creations made for them.
And once the foot put in the theatre, they will return there.

Especially that we will never tell them that it’s wrong to play Minecraft!

Masterpieces of Minecraft

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