Prohibition’s Power


A single cat can make this power understand.
You close the door.
Exit prohibited.
The cat wants to go out.

If entry is prohibited.
The cat wants to enter.

In short, the cat hates a closed door.

Open the door.
The cat sleeps on its cushion.

Rather on yours, the pretty little red cushion of your grandmother.

Offer seats to everyone.
Everyone takes care of sleeping.

Ban the entry.
Everyone will want to come.

Even the cat.

How to achieve it?

By proposing, for example, festivals with ultra-limited places.

By programming featured programs once every 21 years. The Mythical Festival.

Using – rarely – negative forms in advertising. This is not for you ….

Sly 2 / Sucker Punch Productions 2004

Playing with the audience By provoking him. By offering him challenges.

Will you open the door?

Will you catch that place?

I think you will not know.
You’re a little too …. slow …. clumsy ….

Carmen – Opéra Bastille 2018/19
The forbidden woman … so seductive

If this technique is not for all audiences, it will be very useful for the target audience of Altair . It will be :

the Cat’s trick.

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