Old Modernity vs Young Creativity

It’s a nice title. I like it, and it’s better for me.

A title that speaks of behaviours passed down from generation to generation.
There will always be a war between the old and the modern, between old people ‘arrived’ and young people who have other desires and ideas.
One could say: what place is given to our youth?

Geek Culture

Next to the battle of Hernani, where the old wigs, fished by young rebels, were flying in the room, the punk halls are pale!

The funny thing nowadays is that old people think they are young.
So young people have become what? Old people who have never been young?

Joking aside, this is a totally stupid situation.

So we’ll have to think about modernity. Not to mention that all that is said “modern” is at least 60 years old.

London Calling – CBS Records – 1979

What is “modern”?

* Which is shocking. So those who want to be modern want to shock.
I was not born that the punks had already gone home.

But all are still trying to shock myself.
Especially in the field of the arts.
Nowadays, it does not shock us.
It bores us.

* Which breaks the rules.
What rules? It does not matter. The important thing to be young is breaking the rules. It has become the rule.
So, too bad. It’s neither young nor modern.

* What we do not understand, because it’s too smart.
Well, we must not remember that in the Middle Ages, it was called scholasticism. That killed Western science a few centuries ago.
And fortunately for everyone, we could draw on the Arab and Asian sciences when the West decided to be “too intelligent”.

Recall it, on the contrary.
And finally, we decide to tap into the arts and arts of living in countries where being “young and modern” is not The law of the old.

A Japanese school

This is not really a manifesto.
But a direction that Altair proposes

If we want to create a place that encourages the arts, creation and innovation, we must not get caught up in this stupid idea of “modernity” mummified in 1960.

All artistic expressions will be welcome – as long as they are arts and not byproducts of a worn-out political ideology.

So yes, we say that there are artists working in video games.
What they do deserve attention and respect.
That they must be respected as all those who create with heart and intelligence.
We say that young people who seize modern tools to create works with digital tools achieve beautiful things and they are entitled to the sun

We say that there is room for all the arts, both old and new.

And those who have no place, these are all people who speak of art and modernity without being neither modern nor artists.

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