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Some of us are flirting, some are in love, some are sad…
And some play and are terrible pirates of the Caribbean Sea.

Reading stories of pirates when you are a child gives forever the salty taste of these adventures, full of spray, sails snapping at the winds, buccaneers, hidden treasures, skulls, bones, gentlemen of Fortune, from England, France, the Netherlands, against the rich Spanish and Portuguese boats, the horrible English pontoons, the doldrums, the deadly Bermuda Triangle, Tortuga Island and the big names of the Black Lodge.
We all read Treasure Island.

We have all seen Pirates of the Caribbean
We have all heard of complicated maps, ghosts, Cortes and Spanish treasures.
Well, that’s ok.
To make a game on the theme is necessarily a good idea.
There have been lots of pirate-themed games.
Assassin’s Creed – Black Flag (Ubisoft)

Assassin’s Creed Blak Flag – Ubisoft

The latest and online is Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves – Rare

And, soon, Skull and Bones (Ubisoft- 2020)

I stop today on Sea Of Thieves. That I loved. To which I have played so many hours that I should be ashamed.
In which I searched: chests, chickens, pigs, snakes, skulls
To improve my old boat hoof, I have amassed coins like never before.
To have a blue sail. A blue hull.
A figurehead.
A beautiful long view

Sea of Thieves (Rare) Maps

I waited for the black flag of the pirates.
The red flag that says “no survivor”
The parrot on my shoulder.
I drank rum and found myself drunk dead to vomit in my own boat

And like everyone else, I played online.

I went to the treasure islands
the skeleton islands
the chicken islands
the outposts where there are kind of villages.

There are the merchants who give the quests
and gold coins

We spend our gold.
There is a tavern
And houses : empty and closed.

Sometimes there are other players on these islands.

We smash our boats.
We make a mistake and we go to the other crew (yes I did that).
We find ourselves dancing or making music on the Ship of the Dead – which is beautiful.

And then that’s all.

And that’s why I’m talking about Sea of ​​Thieves here.
That’s all ?
A game like this? So beautiful ? With incredible sea and light effects?
With almost everything from the Pirates World?

With the chance to play online
We do not have one place to really talk about it?
Not a bar with dancers and a pianist?

Not an animation anywhere?


Seo of Thieves – empty saloon….

No, it’s not serious.
In the series: what games have made you want to act and to join your two adored “worlds” ?: that of the show and that of the game, there is Sea Of Thieves. That is a marvel of game not exploited at all nor enhancement. Damn.

I want to drink rum barrels with other players – you can do it (a little) in Red Dead Redemption 2.
I want to listen to music and watch the dancers
I want to dance with the dancers.
I want to play the accordion and make everyone, the players and the artists, dance.
I want to admire a madman who juggles with fire.
A contortionist who steals the chest of a friend.
An actress defending her “little brother” and making the room cry. I want to take advantage of these islands and all the gold that I killed myself looking for, without even knowing why.

I want to see Jorge & Kitty dancing Capoeira on the white sand !

IJIKA Company – Capoeira

So, now you really have to recreate TORTUGA – and that’s one of Altair’s raison d’être

Tortuga Island

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