El Amor Brujo

One of the most beautiful music that exists. El Amor Brujo by Manuel de Falla. It’s a ballet music at the origin.

The most famous dance is “The Ritual Dance of Fire“.

Just listen to it, feel it, so that a whole world gets up in our minds.
A world that speaks of love and jealousy.
Of passion and misunderstanding
Beauty and madness

A world that has no reason, sweetness, or good feelings – love is not a nice & sweet feeling.

The creations born of this music are not counted anymore.
Dance steps
Love songs

How not to represent De Falla all the time?
Why always Carmen, even if Carmen is splendid?

I vote for De Falla.
And tomorrow, let’s talk about Spain again with The Concert of Aranjuez, with Luz Casal, Jazz with Mile Davis (his version is huge) – tomorrow.

But as today, we talk about love, let’s end with the joyous love – the one we all saw before going on to terrible love – sometimes.

TITINE – the “Nonsense song” by Chaplin. Maybe because love is a “nonsense” ?

Okay, I’m leaving

Cuphead – MDHR Studio 2017

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10 thoughts on “El Amor Brujo

  1. I enjoyed the music. I had not heard L’Amour before now I’m hooked 😊 🎶

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  2. Thank you, it makes me happy! 🙂 It’s an awesome music, I feel like I’m living a terrible love in Spain every time I listen to it !

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  3. I feel like this music transports me to another realm and world 🗺

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  4. Beautiful post , music was very pleasant.

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  5. Thank you ! I’m glad you enjoyed this music – that I never get tired of listening to myself.

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  6. I am very happy! It is almost for you that I wrote Aranjuez. If you loved ‘El Amour Brujo’, you will love Aranjuez, who speaks of melancholy poignantly. It’s a better known music I think – especially thanks to the huge American Jazzmen !

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  7. You’re welcome 😇

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