What is Aranjuez ? A very old city, not far from Madrid.

Why talking about Aranjuez ?

Aranjuez is well known for its strawberries and asparagus.
But yes.
Aranjuez is relatively well known for the number of treaties that have been signed.

And Aranjuez is immensely known by the concerto that bears its name :

Concierto de Aranjuez

It was written in 1939, by Joaquín Rodrigo.

Listen to what the word means: “melancholy“. The composer says that his music captures “the fragrances of magnolias, the song of birds, and the runoff of fountains” of the garden of Aranjuez. He was amazed, he said, with the interpretation made by Paco de Lucia. How not be ? It’s all finesse ….

Paco de Lucia Concierto de Aranjuez
Miles Davis – Concierto de Aranjuez – Sketches of Spain
The Modern Jazz Quartet – Concierto de Aranjuez

We do not count the different versions of this masterful work.

And what is beautiful is that it accepts all the sensibilities. The pearl magic of the Modern Jazz Quartet gives you different thrills from the dark and enveloping tessitura of the Mille Davis trumpet ….

Here is for me all the beauty of Spain.
The one I loved while listening to Luz Casal
Watching Vicotria Abril
And not returning from Almodovar’s films
Pieces of Frederico Garcia Lorca, and I spare you all the dazzling madness of Spanish painters

Un Año de Amor – Luz Casal Film «Tacones Lejanos» by Pedro Almodóvar

I have not finished with Spain … but : it’s over for this post!

Dedicated especially to those who loved Spain….

Piensa en mi ~ Luz Casal for “Tacones Lejanos” by Pedro Almodovar

For there to be no mistake: Luz Casal is only the wonderful voice of Almodovar’s film.

Here is Luz Casal :

Home Page

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