Impossible – Legendary – Mythical

3 words for one dream.

3 events, more and more difficult

3 difficulty levels of play

Impossible: if what you do is easy, or agreed, or predictable, or industrial, pass your turn.

The Impossible Festival is invented for extravagant fools
And all these crazy people will be welcome.

The Legendary Festival …. is the level above.
It’s normal, it’s legendary.
As it is legendary, you may see two in your life – but no more.
Legends do not run the streets.
It will be for all those who have had time to admire in the rooms of Altair
Shows, games, paintings, dramas, sculptures, flowers, what do I know? I only know the legend.

And the Mythical Festival.
This one, without doubt I will not see it.
In our team, there will remain two, three maybe.
We old people will look at it from above – and from a distance.
The Mythical will only have one day, one night

He will receive in his heart the greatest of the heroes, the most splendid artists, the most creative of all the worlds and all the universes.
For a single work to create together.
An ephemeral work, which we will only have words to talk about later.

Our elders gave us incredible monuments, the memory of the Titans who watched over their cities, the memory of Colossus with his feet of clay
Stories of love, gods and fights

So, in our turn, do not we have to offer our future, our stories, our dreams of Titan, our struggles, our loves?
For them to dream and live and love in turn.

“Jules Verne mode ” activated today

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12 Thoughts

        1. 🙂 Consider it done. I want to meet your bird that forces to pedal I will finally bike. – With your Spanish poetry, in addition to learning English, I have to start speaking Spanish ! But you were right : the sound of her voice is enough . I will be so tired at the end of my life

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          1. haha… you are wonderful, dear. You have great sense of humor, Altair. I really enjoy your comments and your answers.

            Ps: Yes, dear, let’s learn some Spanish ! Why not ! It is so sensual to speak Spanish. I want to become an Iglesias, dear.

            Liked by 1 person

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