The Forgotten Creators

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The Fantastic Composers

For some more time in my theme: music, I want to highlight some of these composers and musicians who enchant, literally speak, generations of players.

Everyone who played Skyrim knows this :

Skyrim – Dragonborn, main theme

And the whole family, normally, also knows – because a music like this, a really epic music, is not forgotten.

The theme : a capella – Enjoy

The composer is Jeremy Soule.

He works a lot for video games, TV a little too.

Seriously, who in the general public knows his head?
And his name ?

Jeremy Soule – composer / marvellous composer !

But everyone says there are no more great composers.

Only fans know that he is the source of the biggest emotions in the biggest games of the moment.

Please, listen & enjoy …. Jeremy Soule on Deezer . To date, he only has 12269 fans on Deezer! It’s not a pity that?

Who knows Mark Griskey?

Mark Griskey – Composer…. marvellous, of course !

He is, among others, the composer of KOTOR II – he creates musical atmospheres specific to each world – perfect themes for each of the characters – very complex – of Kotor II. Kotor II is not at all a simplistic game, it is a pure nugget of intelligence.

Look at his site … there are wonders :

That’s right, all this is not new. Mozart was considered a less than nothing ….

And in addition, at present, there is no longer any interest in creators: it is the performers who count, or the media: games, movies – who cares about authors, writers and composers?

They have become shadows that everyone mocks.
Fortunately some still have faith. They still compose. Write.

Thanks to them ❤

But that’s not a reason to resign oneself.
The public knows who is shown to them.
So Altair will show the creators.

And don’t tell me it’s because their music is epic !
Everyone knows this music : it’s epic.

Apocalypse Now – Francis Ford Coppola – 1979 – Music : Wagner

And everyone admires Wagner.
There are years of waiting for Bayreuth

We all laughed at Woody Allen’s saying that every time he listened to Wagner he wanted to invade Poland.

So we can and must ADMIRE contemporary composers, who work for the Game and Cinema industries

For the French … because all this work has been done in French … I can only recommend you to look at the following, which magnificently develops the use of music in Kotor II. I imagine that this kind of study about music must also exist in English, necessarily.

I could, as always, spend hours chatting … Stop there for this post … There is others posts on the subject, and there will be others.

Featured image : extract from the Amadeus Movie (1984), by Milos Forman – with an incredibly Mozart played by Tom Hulce.

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