Turkish Ice Cream

What does a Turkish Ice Cream do in a theatre ? Worth : in a 5G so technological & classy Theatre ?

Perfection is in the details
The devil too – no. Perhaps.

Our audience is young.
They are curious
They want to have fun
They want to be surprised

As a surprise, Turkish Ice Cream is at the top.

Travellers often think they are lucky because their glacier was a joker.

True and false.
When they’re dressed like this:

your jokers work. They learned the hard work of ice wizards !

According to our Turkish comrades, this amazing texture of its ice cream, which makes it elastic, adherent and ultra-light (we can eat incredible amounts) is due to goat’s milk.
According to other Turkish friends, it would be because of the orchid.

Salep is an orchid bulb powder, which helps to gel.
It is associated with hot milk, cinnamon and sugar: it gave a drink.

Legend has it that a merchant would have forgotten his drink all a night. It has frozen. And in the morning he discovered the first Turkish Ice Cream : “Maras dondurmasi “. It was three centuries ago.

And nowadays, all glaciers play with their ice cream !
For the greatest joy of the children
People on the street

So Altair? Altair loves joy
Children, the curious, the gourmands

And instead of selling sodas not very good while waiting for the performance- we will eat Turkish ice cream with orchid and perhaps also with goat’s milk !

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