Facebook on the Horizon

It is announced and official, Facebook launches Horizon.
Virtual reality within everyone’s reach.
It’s a nice idea

It may not work too well.
Basically, you are at home
You put your VR helmet
And you’re gone in FB in 3D
So that your friends do not touch you, you will put a safety distance
– even if they will not touch you in real life

Facebook Horizon – screenshot

And you realize very very quickly that you do not have so many friends on FB
Anyone whose messages you have blocked because it bothers you
They will also be blocked
But you will know who is blocking you, since you will not see them …

At least you will have your real friends.

Skype in 3D
Why not.
With everyone?

The real problem of 3D is: what to do?
FB looks for the solution, but forgets to look at how his site is used.
By who.
And how

The youth uses messenger. And even. Less and less.
Older people tell their stories
Activists recruit
And in the middle, small games, zen pages and a lot of detestation in the comments.

It will be Facebook WaW!

WaW – World of Warcraft

We always notice the same thing.
We have technology
We have 5G
And we do not know what to do with it yet.

We have another proposal
We think it’s more relevant

Because in our Altair Twin totally virtual – we will know why we come inside.
We can go inside in real life: it’s the other twin – the real one

And we want to communicate the two worlds
Not seeing people with their VR helmet that cause their girlfriend next door with her helmet too.

Impossible ?
The same ?
No more.

We dream of Steam in 3D
We dream of the avatars we play – and we can re-use them on Altair Twin
While not forgetting our husband who cooks and our cat who wonders what we do
We dream of the VR helmet for a few moments – to live a story yes – to forget his life, his cat, his dog and his family: no

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