Where is my money ?

I mean, of course, not mine – because mine is somewhere I never know where. Not in my pocket –

Money to invest in a theatre.

I can tell you easily how to lose it.
One hall
A large live performance company
5 days of rehearsals
And a single day of show.

Well, all the money is lost. If I were an investor, I would never invest in a theatre like this.

MunchScream – excerpt

But we can make money with a theatre.

We need three – four – halls.
Why ?
Because we need public. Because one hall will be ‘frozen’ by its technical times : 3, 4 days.
With 3 or 4 halls, the theatre will never sleep.
And will earn money day after day.

The challenge is: how to seduce our audience?

The answer is: be creative.

Artists’ Garden

Our audience is young. Where are the young people? On the Web. On video games. On YouTube.

So we will have to be on the web. On video games and on YouTube.

How to be clearer?

The theatre dies nicely.
It loses its audience.

To be reborn, we must seek the public where it is.
It’s exactly like the story of Christopher Columbus’ egg.


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6 Thoughts

  1. “Where is the money ? “. Not in pocket ?! How terrible !

    Most people i know -some wonderful actresses and actors- departed without having a single penny to leave behind ! Actually, not even one penny for the ferry man ! I know you know. Just saying, though, for the sake of our discussion… haha…

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      1. On the other hand, you’ re right when you say that whoever invests his/her money on a theatrical production is taking a risk, which is to lose the money ! This is why i think that the theatre _the statute, the institution, or whatever you wanna call it- should and must have some kind of financial support through the governments. Of course, this is a personal opinion, no one has to agree with me on this.

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        1. Wow, it sounds good to hear an American talking about government financial support:)
          I agree with you – for a classical theatre.
          Investing and taking risks are supposed to sail together: Altair’s objective is to make money, because we look to the public. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t. But it will be more of a new production company than a theatre. Or, if you wish, a theatre like the French comedy, created for Molière’s creations.

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          1. Thank you, dear, for the kind words. Actually, the Americans support many causes (and institutions, of course) through different kind of programs via the government (states, cities, whatever you wanna call it). They are a bit misunderstood on this from the rest of the world, who thinks that the Americans do not have a heart … haha…

            Additionally, the private sector or -lets say- individuals or people with great amount of money, extremely wealthy, like to support the arts, and not only. I won’t write more on this explaining the reason(s) why the Americans are misunderstood.

            Altair’s project, your project and idea, would be very welcomed in US. Take care, dear, and go for it.

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            1. Thank you very much.
              I didn’t think the USA would be interested in Altair, from France it looks like you have everything you need!

              I understand your remark about the a-priori we have on the United States. It must be boring, no ? For the rest of the world, America is Liberal land, where there is no State except for the police and the army (it is your series that make us believe that especially!). But it is true, that with each trip, we realize that we have to meet a country ‘in person’ to get to know it.

              I’ll think about your suggestion – after that, I have no professional contact in the USA, I don’t know at all how your country works, so I’ll try … as if I was a blind girl 🙂


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