Where is my money ?

I mean, of course, not mine – because mine is somewhere I never know where. Not in my pocket –

Money to invest in a theatre.

I can tell you easily how to lose it.
One hall
A large live performance company
5 days of rehearsals
And a single day of show.

Well, all the money is lost. If I were an investor, I would never invest in a theatre like this.

MunchScream – excerpt

But we can make money with a theatre.

We need three – four – halls.
Why ?
Because we need public. Because one hall will be ‘frozen’ by its technical times : 3, 4 days.
With 3 or 4 halls, the theatre will never sleep.
And will earn money day after day.

The challenge is: how to seduce our audience?

The answer is: be creative.

Artists’ Garden

Our audience is young. Where are the young people? On the Web. On video games. On YouTube.

So we will have to be on the web. On video games and on YouTube.

How to be clearer?

The theatre dies nicely.
It loses its audience.

To be reborn, we must seek the public where it is.
It’s exactly like the story of Christopher Columbus’ egg.


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