The choice

It is always difficult to choose
And choose a show.. more
Because we don’t really know what it will be

We have images – sometimes
Teasers – often poorly filmed
And posters.

We choose the poster.
A little, the style. Comedy, Circus? Dance? Theatre ?
Sometimes artists.

And for the rest we go randomly
And we fall back on the sure values, which everyone knows at least the name.

Anglo-Saxons will come to see a Shakespeare
The French fill a Molière
Chic people a representation of classical music .

The job of the staff of a good theatre is to help you choose

It sounds stupid, but it’s essential.

We must remember that seeing a piece:
it costs money
it takes a night
and , as spectators, we always wonder if we aren’t going to fall asleep.

So we have to talk about it with enthusiasm
We must know our shows
Love them
Tell you about everything you did not think about
Suggest courses as if you were invited to a world tour !

Without this
You will not come.
And you would be right.

Featured Image : Baccarat from Design Limited Edition

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