All. All the time.

Never let the spectators become bored, never let them forget the theatre, always presenting new forms and productions, convincing them in June to purchase tickets for the next season, these are the major directions of the scheduling at Altair.

THE SEASON PRESENTATION: From the start of June, the holding of an annual gala which exhibits video extracts of the up-coming shows of the following season associated with the beginning of the new single and season tickets sales on the same day.

Organising an event, that associates concerts in the amphitheatre with refreshments.

T Jolly, Piccola Familia

Alternating between shows aimed at younger and mixed audiences.

Aracaladanza Cie

Alternating the genres: Circassian artwork, classical, modern and contemporary dance, puppetry performances, music, classics, shadow plays and other genres.

Cendrillon – Malandain Ballet Biarritz

Using modern ways to offer live translations of shows, thus breaking down the language barriers. – such systems are already operational today.

Alternating the lengths and the durations of the acts of the performances :

– traditional shows (approx 2h30),

– ‘sandwich’ shows – during lunch breaks ,

– face to face shows with the performers,

– performance shows (8 to 10 hours of portrayals based on such templates as those of Thomas Jolly)

-morning and afternoon shows, etc.

Une cArMen en Turakie – Cie Turak

Alternating the origins of the Theatre Companies, therefore offering an international scheduling.

Offering different styles: By proposing events such as juggling, ethnic variations and by organising the rest of the structure around them. Using the Cafés, restaurants and exhibitions with different days dedicated to themes.

In this way, there will always be something new in the theatre.

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