Jazz Time

Is jazz gone out of fashion?

It’s an irrelevant question. Anyone can vibrate while listening to jazz, for the first time or for the ninth time in their life.


Two instruments come to mind: first the sax and trumpet, because of “Bird” and Miles Davis – who has not heard of Jazz?

And the piano. The fatal piano of Thelonius Monk!

Thelonius Monk – After Midnight

In fact, we find all the instruments: the double bass, the guitar, the percussions, the voices obviously, the beautiful rough and rocky voices of those who have the sun in the heart !

Louis Armstrong – On a Coconut Island

I have to admit that “Coconut Island” was my favourite song when I was young and trying hard to learn English… “On a coconut Island, there wouldn’t be so much to do …” ” Sur une île paradisiaque, il ne doit pas y avoir grand’chose à faire”….

And Jazz, which comes straight from America, has made its way little by little in every heart.

Charlie Parker and his Sax… an angel
All the things you are – Charlie Parker. Who doesn’t know That ?

There is Manouche Jazz : listen to this one, you will have pleasure & fun… the first piece is from ?….

All the big cities in the world have their Jazz festival
And even the smallest cities
So yes jazz is current and must be programmed in any theatre that respects its audience!

A nod to the Nice Jazz Festival, which is held in the bullring of Cimier.

Garden of Cimier (Nice) – the lovely place of the Famous Jazz Festival

Some have seen Miles Davis there … yes yes … it was amazing !

McCoy Tyner Trio With Bill Frisell – Nice Jazz Festival – Arènes de Cimier
Only for pleasure…. 🙂
Charles Mingus. Is not his smile beautiful & bright?

Because jazz is freedom and control,
It’s the music that enchants our souls
Who makes us dream of others
And makes us a little better

It is therefore: a major art

Thanks to my father for rocking us in this devil of music from our cradle – we would have 50 years of music to make you hear!

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Featured Image : Trio Magique, by Marc Parmentier

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  1. That’s why I talked a bit about the less known monsters, like Monk .. because if I had to talk about all, I will spend writing a library and listening to a few years of youtube: “jazz monsters”


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