Virtual Viewer

We can do everything – go virtually anywhere.
The question is : where?

As a spectator, I usually put myself in front of the stage or the screen.
If VR will allow me to be a ghost, I can go anywhere.
Once or twice, I will surely see a play by the lodges
Or under the stage
Or above
Three or four times, I will go on the stage.

There have been trials. Hamlet in New York for example:

Hamlet -VR Experience (picture : NY Times)

And after that ?
I’ll tell myself that I missed the show
And I will not do it again.
Especially if Altair does what was announced: a virtual show as ephemeral as the real given on stage.

So, letting the spectator choose his place, is returning to the habit of sitting in front of the stage.

VR experience -audience

We have to find a way for VR to be interesting in this case.

This solution is not too complicated, from the moment we guide the viewer – and where he is placed, in different places of the theatre.
It is from these locations chosen in advance that the viewer will have freedom of looks and movements (except when I want him to stay where I placed him … it will be rare)

MR Theatre – mixed reality –

But it combines live VR and editing plans.
It will be a question of being in different points of view, not in 2D but in 3D – so you will become, and without anybody asking you nothing: the cameraman 2, the perch 4, the artist 7 etc
And suddenly, you will be in “another way”, in the show.
And when you want to see a classic show, from the front – either you will watch Netflix, or you will come to the theatre.

Altair Twin will be a different twin.
There is no question of taking a 3D show that you will look in 2 ….

If you have suggestions
this is the moment, we are currently designing the prototypes πŸ™‚

November 2019.

We have come a long way since November 2019.
We have now identified virtual reality tools for one person – with several possible sensations – for two people and, for several people at the same time, a “virtual shoot” of Extreme Virtuality. If you want to know more, take a look here: Exploit Virtual Reality.

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