De Rerum Natura

Talking about nature is not a novelty and my title is Roman. Thanks to Lucretia.
The subject concerns all of us – some even make politics.
The subject touches all of us, each in our own way, with our sensitivities
And so a subject that has touched many artists.

Not to make it a recurring theme of programming would be profound stupidity.

We will therefore propose this theme.

Our spectators will be able to buy “De Rerum Natura” and they will have, in addition to the book of Lucretia, all the shows & workshops on this theme that will be given during the year.

A music and dance show, called: Cosmophonies, who works with the audience on natural sounds and rhythms.

Cosmophonies – Cie La Truc

A show for teenagers: The grass of Oblivion

– in Russian, “Grass of oblivion” means: Chernobyl. It’s an amazing show, made with huge puppets. The artists went to what is happening now in Chernobyl, what has become of nature there, how do people live there (far away) and who are closer to them. And they created this show that is very touching and that really questions us about our relationship with nature.

Grass of Oblivion – Point 0 Company (Fr)

And as I love, of course, we will spend a little bit by Swan Lake ….

Obviously we will make a detour by Vivaldi, and his very famous 4 Seasons.

We will thus have to talk about Mucha – and especially to show his work…

Mucha – The Four Seasons

So, it would be a shame not to focus on the contemporary composers, who have revealed themselves to us through the music of films. :

And how to talk about nature without inviting the English, German, French Romantics?

Which will give poetry and theatre Evenings.

Obviously a theme like this leads to many workshops on themes related to nature: sound – light.
We will connect our audience with the professionals of sound and light – they will play to understand these phenomena that we have just tamed.

And not to forget that in the face of nature, we are only “accidents”,
we end the program with the very happy, very lively and very intelligent show of the No Smoking Orchestra, just to remember that Life is a miracle.

All this to say that Altair does not just want to swing shows like this. All opportunities are good for creating meaning, links and sharing.

And we’ll grab them!

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