Exploit Virtual Reality

It’s a subject I’ve touched on several times – and I’ve made progress each time.
To tell you the truth, the slowness of my brain makes me despair : I go step by step, without seeing the next one before… a few weeks.

Observations on the state of Virtual Reality are obvious: the contents are null and void.

So, it is a question of offering good content.
I therefore imagined revisiting virtual reality by exploiting it to the maximum by playing with the infinite placement possibilities it offers us.

To exploit virtual reality, we must no longer think in 2D, or even in 3, we must think in “quantum” and put ourselves in a head that fuses through and through, because the world that digital technology opens up to us does not have dimensions as we know them.
That’s finally what all these courses on quantum physics gave to me (courses that had amazed me, I had the impression of being at a Christmas party, so nothing resembled what was usual): adding beta which has no numerical value, using all the imaginary numbers: yes, it’s serious – it’s real “hard” physics. You can’t think of virtual reality on a single plane – otherwise you’ve lost its special interest.

I remember seeing virtual reality demonstrations this winter: people were sitting, hanging from their seats, and riding on a fake roller coaster. And in the end, they were all a little disappointed: nothing “abnormal” had happened: they were on a train – good. There’s no reason to turn into a little robot in the living room by putting the whole family under a helmet.

It was while watching them that I first thought of offering Extreme Virtuality contents, aimed at thrill seekers.
In this regard, I had something to do and propose. And something abnormal that they can’t live anywhere else or otherwise.

That was my first step.

The following step, which I took 4 months to identify, jumped to my eyes while I looked at a demonstration of tango:
offering virtual reality to two people, each in a different location, but both engaged in the same show. It was the second step. I thought I was great. I shouldn’t have.

The third step – while…, it was dumb – is obvious – but I passed it a few days ago. It had annoyed me to read that virtual reality had no future, and the objection was: people don’t like it, they feel isolated.

And here’s the solution: since we can offer two people to participate in the same show, we can also offer it to several people.
To put it plainly: take a good look at the excerpt from Raw Art.

Raw Art – Post Circus

Count the number of clubs. I put one participant per club. What means ? That we offer an experience for several people at the same time in the same show: all, gathered in one person’s home, put on this famous helmet that isolates them from the others – and they all find themselves in this virtual place: each one in a club.
As a result, in the living room, you’ll have a whole bunch of crazy people who will experience almost the same thing.

I think in order for the idea to work to its full potential, we’ll have to be able to identify the other participants. Now we need something visual.

I want that when Romain, Jérémy, Sophie, Alicia & Max’s band decide to do a “Virtual Shoot”, Romain can know where his buddies are and vice versa.

And then it will be really fun.

And of course, within the walls of Altair, a Virtual Reality Room for several people is necessary:

  • first of all it promotes the activity
  • then it makes entries: not everyone has the right equipment. And still, for experiments like this, you have to be able to fall without hurting yourself.
  • besides, they’ll be able to watch the show sitting quietly afterwards.

So here’s where I stand:
1 – multiple levels of virtual reality sensations – for one person.
2 – one level in duo, for all the stage activities that take place in duet
3 – an extreme level in multi-participants (necessarily Extreme this level – for epileptic, or quiet or calm people, there are the real seats of the real theatre – nothing against epileptic, but I know those with visual sensitivity can’t handle those views.)

It’s not about PLAYING: in this mode of virtual reality, we are always in the spectator’s posture, we don’t code anything at all in ‘action’ modebut we fully exploit all that we can have in virtual reality according to the shows on offer.
The best thing is that we don’t spoil the show: no one in the VR mode will have seen the show – as we did when we filmed theatre.

I don’t know if or when I will identify the 4th step.
But I do know that I already have there enough to offer virtual reality contents that are not games and that are very focused on thrill fanatics. This will allow me to have a “target audience” that is quite easy to seduce.

There you go.
For the moment, I’m delighted.
In a few months or a few days, something else will become clear to me – I’m not worried anymore, I’m a bit crazy, I know.

And, on top of that, I think I’ve just identified what gives me access to Eternity. Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking – I haven’t cracked at all, and I’m not going to sell you little “eternity” potions – I’m sticking to my subjects, I’m talking about shows. That will be another article (actually, I can’t let go of my mass of scenarios: Impossible Mission Festival).

This being the case, I think I have finally found THE job to do to earn money: I’m going to be a bricklayer. Last year I was tempted by “car mechanic”, the guys are not serious, they see a girl coming and they inflate the bill as if I was the daughter of Croesus. But now, with the time I spend on my scale, I think that September is good, I’m at the point. These guys make more money in a day than I do in a month, so I find it very reasonable to put my future new skills to good use. Of course, the only muscle that works when you put plaster on the ceiling is the pectoral muscle – not both, just one. It’s very sexy. I’ll work out on the other side?

Well, you see, it’s not virtual reality that’s gonna fix my walls. There’s still some technical progress to be made.

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        1. Well…. well well well… All our hope (yes yes, our, “our”: mine and yours) rests on this “still”- which does not have to say “eternity”: it means that one day the sun will be back in your heart, in your strength and that you will smile again and again to the beauties of life, to the flowers on the trees, to the sweetness of friends.
          Courage à vous 🙂

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  1. Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. Applications of virtual reality can include entertainment (i.e. video games) and educational purposes (i.e. medical or military training). Other, distinct types of VR style technology include augmented reality and mixed reality.

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