The time to Love

Very exactly: thinking about giving time to love.

That everything goes fast, it’s great
It is an intoxication, a joy and a youth that a theatre must have as its essential principle.
Let’s change, from splendid violin to clowns to digital arts: perfect.

It’s a matter of love that we need to create between the audience and Altair.
Love is not very fast.
After love at first sight, you have to build.

What brings someone to buy a show ticket?
The notoriety of the artists. A little.
The poster and the images. A bit more.
The meeting with the artists. A lot.
The surprise they created: even more.
And when we know and love artists, we go back to see them.

The classic com’ is like a rifle at a single shot.
A theatre must last longer than that.
Then com ‘will have to be sincere …

We must never forget, because of all this speed, that we are also humans with memories.
That we all liked seeing a movie 100 times, playing a game a million times, re-reading a book to have its itchy eyes (that, maybe it’s only me)

Venice – Libreria Acqua Alta

How to reconcile speed and madness with the time to love?
My faith, giving the public time to get to know artists and their worlds.
If I present you a Dromesko Theatre teaser, you’ll say: “Well, okay.”

“Le Dur Désir de Durer” Theatre Dromesko – Teaser

If I take you to the theatre Dromesko’s cabin, you’ll say : “Wow, what is that? This is the theatre?”

If I take you by the hand and we go ‘behind’, you meet a dog. Very charming. And then another little dog.
And a little further a pony
And the lady of dogs and pony, you will see how she laughs!

And then you may come in to see the show. And as they have a funny name, you’ll remember it.

Dromesko Theatre – La volière

So when we ask them to come back, two years, three years later, as you have had a little time to meet them, you will remember. And you will come back.

You will have taken the time to love ….

We will be happy. Job is done….

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