I attended yesterday a show in which there was a marabou, and he put an incredible atmosphere!

It’s not the same thing to see an image of a marabou and have it there, and to feel it hover over you and admire him putting himself on the back of her tamer and stroking her hair.

So, here I am in the falconry shows.

Les aigles du Leman (lesaiglesduleman.com)

If they are often used – in France – in medieval shows, birds are not limited to this choice.

Look at the effect the bird’s flight has on the public: people are amazed and worried at the same time.

Yesterday, the show I saw was made under a tent – and it’s even more impressive.

Live show : Des crins et des ailes. (Fr)

Many companies associate equestrian art and the art of falconry – In France, horses are a passion and all French people know the school of Cadre Noir de Saumur

Cadre Noir de Saumur
A show by Le Cadre Noir – ok it will be another post

This company has taken over a historical setting too – it is no longer in France – can you find where it comes from?
– the country of those who need of : a weapon, a horse and a woman ?

Home Page

Featured Image from : Fauconnerie-cheval.com

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    1. Merci à toi ! Ce qu’on aimerait, c’est produire des spectacles à la Bartabas, avec aussi des fauconniers. Des spectacles moins centrés sur le passé. L’effet en salle est juste incroyable. et ça vaut la peine de creuser.

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  1. Human’s think Animals are dumb creatures; yet who takes care of who? A dog comes into a home, how hard does it have to work? The so-called Owner feeds it, bathes it, provides a safe space to live in, takes it to the Vet. when it is sick…..These Bird’s are Pampered creatures, they no longer have to Hunt everyday, the Owner will Provide every-thing! Who Owns Who here? I used to raise goat’s and sheep, I found out that they were Way Smarter than Me, I had to go out everyday and tend to the flocks, all they had to do was Be There! Want Hay, Master will provide it; Want Grain? I will dispense it, buy it, dole it out, Please, let me Milk You! Humans are ruled by their Ego’s, animals use that Ego to their advantage…..Just thinking here!

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      1. The gift of a Hug, especially in a time of Grief such as I am in, having just lost the Love of my life, and the Best Friend a man could ever hope to have, some friends stopped in my home yesterday with a Loaf of Bread, a cup of soup, and a HUG, Just what I needed Most!

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  2. Speaking of animals, I raised goats & sheep, and many birds of all kinds, I found them to be great companions, the baby goats would pull tricks on me, like one baby would leap on me in front while another baby would stand behind me so when I stepped back, over I would go, and the whole herd would laugh, goat laughter, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh! When I went to butcher a goose, a cloud of flies would appear out of no-where, I said to them, Stay Back, I will toss the guts to you, and they did, yet people do not believe that animals can understand words! Every time I had to call a goat to slaughter, I would tell them that I loved them, and thank them for their sacrifice. Then I would stab them in their necks, and wait for the blood to drain out, yet they never fought their inevitable death, the bravest animals I ever had the pleasure of sharing my time with…..When I first learned how to milk the goats, I would go out and chase them all over the yard to get them to come in and milk, what a useless, stupid thing to do, I just told them that no-body eats until I get done milking, and those goats just lined up^ to get in and be milked. Tell me they did not understand what I was saying! It would be nice if we learned to treat animals with the respect and admiration they deserve from us humans!

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    1. You speak of them with great love and respect. In the entertainment world, what is beautiful is to meet artists who love their animals – and they give it back to them! Going behind the scenes of a theatre and seeing all the animals that may or may not be on the stage in the evening is a wonderful experience.
      And I agree: our words are understood.

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  3. I believe that all living creatures have as much right to be on Earth as we humans do, they are also the result of creation’s longing for life, every least thing on this planet has a purpose, it is going to be a sad, and lonely planet when our animal cousins have been extincted….The life in the oceans is going the way of the Dodo bird, due to greed and Profit….All of that life in the seas, trawled out, for farmed fish feed, leaving nothing for other fish to feed on, in Alaska the Cod are disappearing, the Halibut shrunk down due to “By catch”, Humans need to learn some hard lessons, and Nature will provide them, the only reason for over-population is the need for “Cheap, Slave Wage Labor” Example: One time I strung up^ fish net to protect my chickens because they were being picked off by eagles and owls, I caught an owl, all wrapped up^ in the fish net, I went out and told that owl I was going to untangle him, but if he bit me or clawed me he was a dead owl, I untangled him, and set him/her free, I never had another owl bother me!, I also did this with a Raven, and they left me alone for years. I believe when one takes the time to understand the Nature of Nature, life is so much better for us all…..I once asked 4 commercial fisher men a question; “If there were only a few Salmon left to spawn, would you still catch them?” Their answer was; “Sure man, if I don’t get them, somebody else will!” This is the human’s mind-set. I have never seen a fisherman stop and give gratitude for those fishes great sacrifice, it is just always “I own those fish” My fellow humans (Not All of Them) are so ignorant of the way Nature Works….It is really Sad!…..

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        1. I’m in the very south of France – between the Pyrenees and the sea. Here, everyone is more “nature and animals”, we like technology after that: animals, plants, going out, friends, family. We are a little “late” compared to the others

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