I attended yesterday a show in which there was a marabou, and he put an incredible atmosphere!

It’s not the same thing to see an image of a marabou and have it there, and to feel it hover over you and admire him putting himself on the back of her tamer and stroking her hair.

So, here I am in the falconry shows.

Les aigles du Leman (lesaiglesduleman.com)

If they are often used – in France – in medieval shows, birds are not limited to this choice.

Look at the effect the bird’s flight has on the public: people are amazed and worried at the same time.

Yesterday, the show I saw was made under a tent – and it’s even more impressive.

Live show : Des crins et des ailes. (Fr)

Many companies associate equestrian art and the art of falconry – In France, horses are a passion and all French people know the school of Cadre Noir de Saumur

Cadre Noir de Saumur
A show by Le Cadre Noir – ok it will be another post

This company has taken over a historical setting too – it is no longer in France – can you find where it comes from?
– the country of those who need of : a weapon, a horse and a woman ?

Home Page

Featured Image from : Fauconnerie-cheval.com

6 Thoughts

  1. Merci à toi ! Ce qu’on aimerait, c’est produire des spectacles à la Bartabas, avec aussi des fauconniers. Des spectacles moins centrés sur le passé. L’effet en salle est juste incroyable. et ça vaut la peine de creuser.

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  2. Human’s think Animals are dumb creatures; yet who takes care of who? A dog comes into a home, how hard does it have to work? The so-called Owner feeds it, bathes it, provides a safe space to live in, takes it to the Vet. when it is sick…..These Bird’s are Pampered creatures, they no longer have to Hunt everyday, the Owner will Provide every-thing! Who Owns Who here? I used to raise goat’s and sheep, I found out that they were Way Smarter than Me, I had to go out everyday and tend to the flocks, all they had to do was Be There! Want Hay, Master will provide it; Want Grain? I will dispense it, buy it, dole it out, Please, let me Milk You! Humans are ruled by their Ego’s, animals use that Ego to their advantage…..Just thinking here!

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  3. The gift of a Hug, especially in a time of Grief such as I am in, having just lost the Love of my life, and the Best Friend a man could ever hope to have, some friends stopped in my home yesterday with a Loaf of Bread, a cup of soup, and a HUG, Just what I needed Most!

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