“I used to be an adventurer

like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee…” *

All the Skyrim guards took an arrow in the knee.
It’s a terrible game for them.
They watch you when you become the dragon’s son.
The Dovakin.
And they took an arrow. In the knee. Nowhere else.
It’s a very specific recruitment. We can not be guards if we did not take an arrow in the knee.

Skyrim – a guard – (Bethesda 2011)

The guards of Skyrim are amazing.

They have a series of replicas that they serve you randomly.
Sometimes they ask you if you have fur in your ears.
Sometimes they ask you if someone has stolen your pastry.
And they always suspect you of being a terrible apple thief.
We become an apple thief when we play in survival mode. We freeze when it freezes, we die of hunger all the time, we must sleep preferably in a bed – otherwise we are more ineffective in combat than an old sea turtle.

Why talk about Skyrim?

Because this game is not just an epic RPG.
The creators have developed a real artistic universe, with a very specific humour, that can not be found in any other game.
It’s so special that anyone who has played Skyrim can recognize another player just by hearing about an arrow in the knee.

Skyrim smells the strange smell of adventure : dangerous, epic, and funny.

In the 1001 human feelings that will be found in a theatre, there is also, of course, the love of Adventure.

A director like Thomas Jolly, who will play Henry VI’s 18 hours on a continuous basis, will take his audience on an adventurous journey, on stage and in the room.

Public – choose- after the ‘small form’ in just 13 hours!

Try a bit of staying in a chair for so long!
If you did not receive an arrow in the knee, it will be less easy

Bartabas will make you travel with his horses!

Zingaro Theatre- Ex Anima – Bartabas

And for adventures absolutely imaginary and magical, we can enjoy The Nutcracker by the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève.

Here I am far away from Skyrim
But no.
Because in Skyrim, in addition to the adventurers abandoned because of the arrows, there are artists … bards. From the Bards College.

So the day we decide to put together, a little, video games and the world of entertainment … we will have millions of things to share!
And we, we will have real but virtual bards to place in the hostels of Skyrim, because they already have their place!

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* Skyrim : cult replica of the guards … (Bethesda)

Featured Image : Corto Maltese – By Hugo Pratt. Corto, The Romantic Adventurer, without any arrow in the knee. Lucky man !

Thanks to Professional Moron, whose very entertaining article about Skyrim’s guards made me think of this article.

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