AA’s Bizarre Adventure

Yes, it’s a nod …

Not quite innocent.
Not innocent at all, actually.

The adventures of Jo Jo are very bizarre, they have lasted in time in an incredible way, Joseph Joestar is an ultra-friendly hero, Jotaro is a brat and now – thanks to JoJo – I know say three words in Japanese: Kono Dio Da.

To say three words in Japanese has no interest, it’s true.
Especially to know how to say that!

Why this reference to the bizarre adventures of the Joestar family?

Because they are weird and that Altair wants to be weird.
Altair is not a normal theatre.
He will look normal.

But Altair will take you on abnormal adventures.
He will pick you up, whereas normally a theatre stays quietly in his corner.

As Altair loves the epic, he will invent epic Festivals – because an event without an epic stakes is nice – but not unforgettable.

Because the adventure is when you look for it.
and that the epic exists only if one makes it live.

So yes, Altair will have a Spacial Stand and will pick you up in your games.
He will even have his planet, this strange and bizarre place where artists are born.
Altair will have 5G waves and will find you right under your VR helmet.

And if ever our shows don’t please you …

Then we will resort to the last resort.

The secret of the Joestar family to get by :

Run away !

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Featured Image from : JoJo Bizarre Adventure : Joseph Joestar Part 2, Ep 10 : New York’s JoJo

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