Dance Me to the End of Love

This article is both a tribute and a thanks to Outosego. I wondering for 4 months who is this so smart & classy man with hat – who told me something, but what ? … and to a woman, Turkish and German, who did the honour to follow my publication – that revealed to me, by chance, the mystery.

Please, enjoy :

Leonard Cohen – Dance Me To The End Of Love

Well, here’s how we can dance until the end of love :

Gotan Project

Here is how, from a desire, a hat – very chic, an incredible voice, friendships born on the Internet, we come to imagine a future programming, based on all the colours of love.

Then we will obviously program music – and we will start from all those that touch us to identify an atmosphere.
Here is an overview of the atmosphere offered by Mr. Leonard Cohen – and Mr. Outosego

Love is also to seek, to reassure, to face together all our fears
And the colourations are slow and soft,
like the song of Idir : A Vava Inouva

Idir – a Vava Inouva

Or that the well-known waltz of Dmitri Shostakovich : Waltz 2

used in The Leopard (1963)- L. Visconti from the novel of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

Love & Tears … listen to Fadia Al Haj

Fadia Al Haj

“Mourn for him who wept for,
Something which happened not.”

Opa Tsupa – Both Guitars
Kate Bush

Yes, with all these music, we can build a lot of programming, obviously :
plays, dramas
dance pieces
workshops with you

We can talk about Don Juan,

About Romeo and Juliet

But don’t forget that at the end, yes :
I ‘m your man.

The mystery ๐Ÿ™‚

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12 Thoughts

  1. .

    Dear !.. haha… How did i miss this one ?! On the 13th of November !

    It is never too late, though, to express my gratitude, for taking the time to create this wonderful article, Theatre Altair. Thank you, dear ! Outosego is so happy !

    All the artists and the melodies in your article are unique. I know you’ re a wonderful artist yourself (or -to use the plural, if you wish- yourselves), and it is more than obvious that you’re an extremely educated and cultivated creature (or -to use the plural, if you wish- creatures), which is something i really do admire.

    Thyself is not an artist. Thyself -and not only thyself- thinks that life would have been miserable without you, the wonderful artists. Thyself, also, thinks that life is some kind of a lie, not a polite one. But, thanks to you -the wonderful and noble artists- the lie becomes polite, as polite as it can be for the mortals to keep rolling, smoothly, till the end.

    Thanks again, dear. I wish you all the best, from the deepest depths of my heart.


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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it was very sincere.
      And I was very, very happy, walking around the “mynewperspective” website of, totally by chance, “you” meet again, and knowing like that that you too are a great admirer of Leonard Cohen.
      I was absolutely delighted!

      And I don’t know who is an artist or not. In my job I just learned one thing: an artist has heart first, then technique and finally a great respect for his audience. The routes, the schools, the greats or the small artists, all this is all just a “show”. What matters is the emotion that a person makes others feel through their work. Thus, you are an artist ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Everything and anything is so well said. And thank you for placing Outosego in this category. This is a kind and generous gesture which i do not deserve, though, since i’m not an artist. Thank you, though, dear. You’re not only noble, but an aristocrat, also.

        Ps : Leonard Cohen deserves the Nobel, for his contribution to the Arts and Literature, and not only. At least, and at last !

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