Steam, Epic, Stadia ? Wow !

For the players, these three words mean something.
These are platforms that allow access to dematerialized games: in other words, we no longer buy the DVD – and we no longer need a console.

Steam – dashbord for the player

These three platforms have one thing in common: they want to put our old home consoles in the museum.
Steam is the oldest: the mechanical icon on your computer desktops is that your children have installed Steam.
Epic was launched by the developers of Fortnite and competes with Steam.
Stadia is still an infant – but promised to grow up, since it is Google’s baby.

Google’s new baby : Stadia

Why do we care?
Because Altair Twin is positioning itself – more or less – in the same niche.

And why go where elephants take control?

Because an eagle flies when an elephant tramples.
Joking aside, because we don’t take the problem in the same direction.

Steam, Epic and Stadia are like a kind of online store – with all the problems that this poses.
Steam is too big, we get lost. But they have developed some great applications for players.
Epic is not well secured. And the players don’t like it that much.
Stadia: we’ll see what the baby gives us.

Metro Exodus : from Steam to Epic Games Store

Altair Twin will play backwards.

We will only find the games with which we will be partners.
We will find – because we want to – players of all games, in 3D, with their favourite characters.
There are animations that will allow players to get to know each other and have fun together – before going on to fight wars, raids and fights in their games.
We can access it through the games – and when we find the hidden doors in the games, we will have the rewards that go with it.
We can access it through the site – and there, play for your rewards, you lazy bastards!

Anyway. Instead of killing the desire by offering endless virtual shelving, Altair Twin will give you access to its partners by making you play…

Home Page

Featured Image : Dota 2 by Valve Corporation.

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