Adept of Sheogorath

Write A Virtual Show.

Virtual Reality, at the moment it’s: a few games and (nice) Facebook trials to lead us all into a world of unicorns and adorable dragons.

Facebook Horizon

We go from: do you master the lightsaber that allows you to explode geometrical shapes, to do you like to chat with your sweet friend from the other side of the world and his soooo cute avatar?

I’m sure the VR games will get bigger and bigger and there’ll be some great artwork.

As for the rest… it’s been dragging on.

What’s the difference between a game and a show?
Well, in a game, you play.

By : The Captury – here’s what we can do now with actors – impressive, isn’t it?

In a show, you watch.
That’s where contemporary VR sucks.

They take you for a walk in an ugly world (most of the time, it’s just ugly) and then that’s it.

So we have to think seriously about the problem.
The VR is not the reality – yes I know, the open door is easy to break down –

It’s cinema, but better.

So you have to think of an VR show with the tools of cinema.
It’s imperative to integrate a montage of the different points of view – just as we were able to edit the different scenes according to the placement of the cameras.
If I do it live, then I need to have editors and directors in my team, like those on television, who are able to switch from one point of view to another.

The best thing would be to allow the spectators to choose the VR feeling they want.

Novice: you stay quietly in your corner
Confirmed: you’re changing actors
Experienced: you are part of the fixed set, or above, or below, or backstage.
Heroic: you trust the director. Careful, it’s going to get a little hot, he has access to all points of view…
Legendary : craving for ultra-strong sensations? You will be the arrow, the ball, the club, all those objects that fly in the shows.
Adept of Sheogorath*: Then this… will be the surprise!

Sheogorath – SkyrimBethesda

If one day I can see shows in these different modes, then I do.
I buy my VR equipment
My Helmet
My computer’s going faster
My connection to the 5G

And the best thing is that it doesn’t give the impression of copying reality: we live it differently, and that’s where Virtual Reality makes sense.
I won’t even be disappointed when I see the show in real life, or even the opposite.
And there, the bet is won.

We must therefore resign ourselves to handing over to the authors – to the directors – in short, to those who have the imagination to invent these shows.

*Sheogorath is a Prince Daedra invented by the brilliant creators of The Elder Scrolls. He’s the Prince of Madness – and it’s not so easy to defeat him.
But the day you get his stick, the so famous Wabbakjack well… your life as a gamer turns into one big laugh…

Wabbajack – Bethesda

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Featured Image : Screenshot of Oblivion – By Bethesda

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