Tech 4 Kids

In the series: which events to go out with the kids? there are the Techno Festivals.

And here, anything goes:

all the weird games…
all the testing of all the hi-tech stuff that’s useless but fun…
all sound, image and make-up workshops
a whole dance hall to play the rave party…

Overview :

Tilt 4 kids

The Tilt Festival, I saw it – I worked for it – and I can tell you : it works !

What is the purpose of a children’s festival? To bring back the whole family, of course :

Win !
wow !!!

Take a good look: now, at the very heart of children’s video games, there are dance “beats”.
And we would miss this opportunity? Never.

This, you can find it in the last PvZ – Battle forNeighborville:

Can Fat Engineer Dance Better Than Tiny Imp ? | Battle for Neighborville
FoxXx Gaming
Battle for Neighborville – Zombies Dance floor – Screenshot

Two days of Festival are enough
The parents come out of there “dead tired”!

Home Page

Featured Image : Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

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