As a way to bring youth into a theatre, we haven’t found a better way yet!

This is currently occupying us a lot: the challenge? To recruit ten young girls and ten young boys, who will be on stage for more than 35 minutes, and who will have to “be” the high school mates of the major characters.

First Trip – 5° Quart Cie – Katia Ferreira

And for the challenge to be really important, it will be to play American students from the 70s.

So we’re in France, in 2019… so talking about the USA in the 70s to our young people is a bit like talking about dinosaurs.
They were horrified by the gorgeous elephant pants that will make up their costumes…
Concerned when they learned that in the old days there were dances for two…
And that in America, we dance at the end of the year!!!!

First Trip – 5° Quart Cie – Katia Ferreira

So it takes us a long time.
Crazy time.
For the casting
for the preparation of these young extras
for the technical details: we rehearse where? when? with whom?
What sizes for the costumes?
How many guests per extra?

First Trip – 5° Quart Cie – Katia Ferreira

But it’s just a huge experience, worth more than any commercial in the world.
Because actually, in the hall, there will be all their buddies…

So as an experiment, we’re hardly doing any better.
This is, among other things, a way of offering live performance to our youngest.
No, it’s not just about video games! Even if there’s also, obviously, the game…

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Featured Image : From : First Trip – 5° Quart Cie – Katia Ferreira

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