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Success Story

It’s not (yet) ours.
But it was a huge success that met with the support of more than 10 million players.
They all attended a concert – in virtual – in their favourite game : Fortnite.

It went like this: “How are you doing Fortnite? Thank you for coming so many to make history with me,” exclaimed the producer and DJ Marshmello at the start of his set, on Saturday February 2, 2019. For the first time, an artist performed on a virtual stage in a live video game, and Marshmello appeared as an avatar inside Fortnite “

Fortnite – Marshmello Concert – 2.2.2019

Fortnite is a battle royal.
Free, except skins.
So paying.

There are a hundred people on an island, and we play Highlander: “there will only be one”.

It is exactly a game in which we say that it has nothing to do with the world of entertainment.

And this is exactly the first online game that gave a live virtual show.

And the best part is that the players respected the truce. It lasted 10 minutes. And it worked.

Fortnite – the stage

The break is the moment of grace for online games.
The one where we all stop playing (fighting) and where we do something else.
Epic Games knew how to play on this to offer a truce.

So if Epic Games does it for a Battle Royale, that means that, not only is it possible, but also that it is an excellent commercial argument that distinguishes one game from another.

Yes, the show is always a plus.

So, in August ZO19, another game, another live concert.

AdventureQuest : 07.23.2019 KoRn Concert

So when we come to offer DLC of Rammstein in games, or La Piccola Familia, or Royal Ballet, we will have slightly increased the attractiveness of the games.

And frankly, this is nothing new: we saw it in Minecraft in 2008 – there is a Youtube channel dedicated to events on Minecraft.

Minecraft Channel

This is not quite what we want to do
But it is not very far.

Marshmello’s avatar – Fortnite

So, in August ZO19, another game, another live concert.

What is missing ?
The diversity of shows
Full use of VR

And we can start having fun.

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Featured Image : from Fortnite – Marshmello concert 02.02.2019

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