Moment of Grace

Today I wanted to talk about these incredible moments that are created between online gamers.
Every gamer knows this moment.

That surreal moment when you arrive on a map and instead of fighting, running, hiding, you see other gamers playing.
They jump. They run. They’re rolling. They play the accordion when the game provides an accordion.
They dance when they have the moves to.
And they don’t play by the rules of the game at all.
They play together.
They chat.
They use their mikes, they tell each other stuff. They don’t usually know each other. But what they have in common is that they like to play.

And the games have become more and more serious.
You have to fight.
Or travel and fight.
Or fight so you can fight better.
Or : travel travel travel travel fight, work for virtual employers, travel travel travel fight, work. And again.

Seems like the developers have all gotten old.
As a result, since nobody offers places to play without fighting, or traveling, or working – gamers “invent” these places.
It doesn’t last very long.
These are real moments of grace.

And that should make the people who make the games think.
The most innovative games of the moment are at Epic Games. They created Fortnite. As a fighting game, that’s where it’s coming in.
But they realized that their players didn’t just have to fight…i Now they’re offering them live concerts in Fortnite.

And that’s exactly what Altair is offering to AAA game companies. Artists that will allow them to breathe life into the rhythm of their games.
You either watch them or you don’t.
But we can stop. And start playing with other gamers. Or not. But the games will offer spaces where there’s more to do than just fight/travel/work.

And so it begins. We can talk to Alcibiade in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, we can even dance a little, and not so much anymore. Ubisoft is excellent in secondary characters and crazy situations.

We want to propose various extracts of our artists, to be placed directly :

  • on the squares
  • in bars / saloons
  • in the theatres (there are theatres in the games. They are empty).
  • in barns
  • on the side of the road
  • on lost planets, you know the one we’re looking at, that we’re going to reach in an hour, which is one step of such a long journey… and this game with its randomly generated planets, it’s great but it’s so boring

The motion capture allows this very easily.
The ultra-fast programming of a large theatre also makes this possible very easily.

In fact, it takes both.

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