Looking for a Thief

It’s a very serious title.
There are two reasons for that:
One, I’m not a little Jeff Bezos. First of all, I’m a woman.
Then I have all the skills you want in terms of shows, literature, screenwriting, imaginative fertility – but from there to imagining that I’m capable of turning myself into a “captain of industry”, there’s a chasm.
And yet – I thought that the investors would build the structure and make me work – I realise that I am being offered astronomical sums of money to set up the theatre myself and become a fabulous CEO.
And now I’m at the limit of my competence. I know I can’t do that.

So if this theatre, part of which is visible here, interests someone, let this “thief” steal it from me. I would be delighted – and relieved – to work for its CEO!

The second is that I’m tired of the paranoia that reigns in France. I’ve been hearing this sentence for a year now, “Stop the site, a smart guy is going to steal your idea”.

But I dream about the smart guy who steals my idea!

We all dream of him: we are eleven – and out of the eleven, not one has the skills of a company director. We’re entertainment professionals.

But in the past year, all that’s happened is that I’ve received more and more funding proposals. I’m going to get the money, and now I’m going to panic. I didn’t go to business school!

So here it is: this is a very serious proposal. Steal this from me, and I’ll give you my work, my knowledge and my ideas – and my collaborators, who are big names in their professions.

To each his own job, after all. I don’t want to become a billionaire, I want to run Altair and make the most of all its capabilities to seduce young people and get them to love shows.

To contact me directly, well… it’s easy.

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Featured Image : Sly Cooper, Thieves in Time ; created by Sucker Punch Productions

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