Street Dance

Programming / Virtual Links

Among all the shows that we have identified as ideal to go on virtual stages, there are of course those of Street Dance.

These are very physical dances.
They are very masculine dances, they are almost like Capoeira for that.
These are very visually impressive dances.
And obviously, as they were born in the street, they have their place everywhere.

We don’t need a stage for these shows: they will be performances that are almost easy to adapt, since only the movements will have to be “skinned”, and we won’t have to ask ourself 100,000 questions about the sets.

25 ans de Hip Hop / Farid Berki – Suresnes Cité Danse

Needless to say, these are popular dances that already have a young audience.
So addicted, this audience, that we will also have to think about them and offer them a dance space during the shows.

There are large companies that specialize in these shows.
Classical companies have not been shy either, and they have created links with these dancers.

Even the MET is programming Battles !

You’ve probably all heard about Hip Hop, BreakDance – maybe Krump too – what you really need to know is that these dances almost all derive from the principle of “battle” – and that’s why they are extraordinary links with 90% of the games.
And what’s more, they are also a great fit to our Virtual Reality project.

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