Summer Festival

Summer is a season that everyone loves – not ending a theatre season with a party would be a mistake.

So here it is: the Summer Festival.

It’s time for the holidays – some of us join their families. Others go off to visit the world. Others, finally, have time to see each other, to love each other, to share. Others put down their bags and just take the time to live.
There is an idea of “end” and temporary distance at the beginning of the summers. September will be another time in our lives.

That’s why the last party of the season is important.

We tested it here in our town. It’s the time when, outside the theatre, we set up stages that will be free. We invite all the restaurant and coffee shops to come and set up their stands.
We propose “dress codes” in which everyone can do what they want.
Games are available for children.

And when night comes, we light the lanterns and the music starts.
And we dance, we dance, all night long, with our audience and with those who have never been here before.
We talk to them about theatre
We tell them about the wonders of the past year…
We tell them about the wonders of the coming year…

I know, the accountant chokes with rage every year: what do you mean free shows?
What do you mean setting up outdoor stages?
What do you mean, paying musicians for a whole night?

But the accountant has the sight of a mole. He doesn’t know, the accountant, that the public is attracted to the party. He doesn’t know they won’t come otherwise.
And even when he sees the next day that the number of presold tickets has exploded – he says: No. No- It’s not because of the party.
They would have come without it.

Last year, he won, our accountant. The party was barely a poor start to a tiny concert – without even a stage. There was hardly anyone there.
The next day, nothing, no sales, no pre-sales – nothing at all, the desert was fuller than our ticket office. But the theatre’s finances were saved: we hadn’t spent money “for nothing”. (Of course, we’re not even talking about the advertising budgets, which are huge and always completely out of line – but that’s usual, you have to do that).

This year again, there will be no party in July with our audience.
Because of the virus and the safe distances and all those precautions that we all now know.

So, my goodness, a little bit of music through the Net can’t hurt us: so here’s a little bit of “Summer party“.

Manu Chao
Louise Attaque
Oingo Boingo Brothers
Pixelophonia – The Wind Waker – live.
Shantel & AretI Katime – EastWest – Dysi Ki Anatoli

Tomorrow, I know that for my new American friends, it’s a great party and I wish you a happy one under the sign of Brotherhood.
For me and my family, it will be – believe me or not – the birthday of my last son, who, yes, was born on the 4th of July!

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Featured Image : “Jazz à Juan” – Juan les Pins Jazz Festival – right next to Antibes. This is the French Riviera… The pictures are beautiful. But it lacks the smell of the umbrella pines…

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  1. The Battle of Gettysburg, July 1 though 3, 1863; and the armies departed on July 4. It was a holiday for both. History is being destroyed in America as the ignorant masses tare down monuments and rewrite or ignore history. This is a virus that’s infecting and will eventually destroy Western cultures.

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