The Other Way

Impossible-Mission. Festival / Screenplay 8

Back to my screenplay – I like.

Here’s where I am: I’ve got a bad guy who wants to save the world by removing what he thinks is its ultimate plague: the internet.

A “ship” of virtual games and shows: Altair Twin. This ship has been coded to enter any time he wants in all the closed universes of the net. It’s a kind of “ultimate key” – because it’s supposed to be friendly and because it only contains actors and artists – so typical chic guys.
When coding it… still… …for security reasons … it was specified that it was impossible to enter certain places.
So that this artificial impossibility is not broken by a malicious spirit – an inviolable code was applied.

I told you : I’ve found my precious, my “fetish object” – so it’s a real coding system, I swear. It’s double: a virtual part, a real part – the hole is “white”: when you have one piece, you can’t guess the other: neither its length nor its content.

I’ve got my competition that puts all the volunteer gamers on the field: the goal is to take control of Altair Twin, in which is the virtual half of the code.

I want to leave the result to chance: to the talent of the players.

So if I already have a clear enough idea of: the bad guy wins and takes control of Altair Twin – and thus will at some point have the hand on the virtual code,
I have to play with the other possibility as well: the good guys won, Altair Twin is saved.
Nice. The good guys kept the code.

Well – obviously, that doesn’t suit me at all.

If I cheat cash, it’s not gonna be good.
So the cheating option is off the table for now.

You know what? I love Mission Impossible— that’s my favourite movie series. But the mask, sometimes, it’s f*** cheating & abused. Okay, I’m exaggerating. One time, it was a little too much. I’m sorry. I love it anyway. It gives me an extra energy that – well, you don’t care.

So I don’t cheat too clearly.
If I’m a real bad guy – and I play risky – at the risk of getting beaten – that’s the situation of my character: if I didn’t think before I could lose, I’m really the dumbest character imagined.
So the bad guy thought about it before.
That’s it – it’s a bit cheated – but it makes sense anyway.

So it’s like the illusionists: he’s getting all worked up so that everyone thinks about saving Altair Twin.
The story of the Twin code comes out – the audience has to understand.
And if the codes are in danger – we check their security.
We’ll have to put a lot of stress on them, and we’ll need a character who’s not too cold-blooded. So the security check makes sense.
That’s good, because it lets us know where they are, these codes. At least one, come on.
Random, paper code.

And now, while everyone’s out there watching the video game heroes fight, my evil villain gets the information he wasn’t supposed to have: the location of the other part of the code.
And there’s my story re-launched – like a lord.

In the end, it’s very easy to imagine.
Well – it’s horribly hard to do – in real time and based on player actions. —– yes yes, actually, that’s fine, that’s what we’ll say for advertising: an action that changes in real time, depending on what you players do, you the audience.
That’s right, that’s right. But that’s not the whole truth.

I’m not so stupid. I am, yes. Not so.

I almost like this option better, by the way.
Yes, I like it better.
You think cheating by putting the best of the best in Altair Twin’s camp is bad? – Yes, it’s very, very bad – don’t answer that, I know.

Well, OK for randomness on this one – that’s said.

And then it will be a lot more fun to do it.

Can you imagine that? You’re a committed pro for this Festival – and you know it’s going to be a multi-option game, depending on how the audience responds. Something that’s never been done before – almost impossible.
I love it. They’re all going to throw stones at me.
I don’t care.

Then, of course, we’re going to have to use tricks – have pre-recorded cutting plans – I need the smartest director from the West and the East – to come in and link it all together and keep everybody in the loop.
You see?
It’s the big fight – the players are maxed out, it’s killing in every direction. In the hall – the very strange hall imagined by the stadium designers – it’s great this hall – everybody’s focused on the screens. Downstairs, the gamers in the middle of the fight. On the sides, split screens for online gamers.
I want music – make it as stressful as possible – right the best is a guy who manages to release a song like Iko-Iko (you know during the terrifying escalation scene of M:I – 2). Every time, I get scared and the music is terrible for the poor spectator stuck in his seat, because it’s totally out of sync.

We don’t know who’s going to win. But we need a shot of the cut on the face – on the look- on Altair’s “director’s” face: what does he look at when he thinks it’s lost?
He looks at the other code. And so the other code is in the room.
Or at least a way to get it.
We need cutting shots of the bad guy’s face: just the shots. Depending on how the wind shifts, we use it either for his victory in Altair Twin or for his victory in Altair.

You see what I’m saying? A movie is set to a thousandth of a second – we’re going to use their techniques and especially their editing techniques to make sure we always have a good script.
And WHO said that the video captures made on stage are always in real time? Not me – because in the middle of the real-time captures, there will be shots already edited.

I feel…. I like this story. I won’t be bored.

All right, I’m far from finished. I’ve got my big piece of wood, I still have to carve it.

I still have one big point to clear up: that of the shows given during the Festival.
I went into this thing really like a girl – sometimes I feel sorry for myself. In mode: come on, let it go, you’ll adapt to the impossible shows you’ll be offered.
Of course that’s completely stupid.

That’s all for tonight, I’m done watching Mission Impossible II – which I’m going to know by heart, I’m worse than a kid and I’m always scared at the same times, with my eyes half-closed when woooooouuu, it’s too much….

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Featured Image : Peru – the Other Way of the Inca. Did you know the Inca had another way ? I didn’t.

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      1. And a very good morning to my smart friend. In the end it is all a mind game isn’t it? Ultimate plague or saviour – all in our minds.
        Do meditate regularly to keep your balance Barbara 😊🤗

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        1. Yes, you’re right – well an object is what we’re doing with it, isn’t it ? / It’s a kind of game for me, i really like building stories – but i’m not a real screenwriter, in the end i will not write this one. – Of course I don’t know how to meditate 🙂

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          1. High time you learnt to meditate my dear friend. I strongly recommend my path, which is balanced and scientific. Register for Home Study lessons at

            We have meditation groups and Centers all over the world, including France.

            It is so awesome if you are taking it as a game. Life is such fun this way 😊🤗

            And I saw you have an invite for a sangria in Barcelona and I intend joining you there 😅

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