Riff Reb’s


Admit it doesn’t ring a bell, that title…

Riff Reb’s is not a show. It’s not a video game. It’s not a game at all by the way.
Riff Reb’s is a cartoonist.

So in the series: are you looking for a guy who is a genius from head to toe? – there’s him.
This guy draws like a god.
He has the terrible line.
Even more terrible humor.

He loves the sea almost as much as he loves drawing – he draws the sea like I’ve rarely seen it.

With that, no pity for the little arrangements we make with life – no, with him, everything is well shown, well staged, he’s not even cruel, he’s just.
A true artist.

The Star Rover – Ep 1

So I know, a theatre doesn’t take care of all the artists in the world.
All right, then.
At the same time, Altair is not a theatre yet.
And then I still do a little bit what I want, no kidding.
I can’t always make up worlds for you like this, out of my head, like it doesn’t hurt.

So a trip inside Riff Reb’s head makes me feel good.
I don’t know what to advise you to read first.
The Sea Wolf? I had already mentioned it.
Yes my loves are very rare – but they are always absolute.

The Star Rover ? A nice must too, this album.
Riff Reb’s is like a lot of French people: he loves the United States, and had a definitive blow to his heart when he read Jack London. But I bet you my hat that he’ll never admit it. We are French, after all.

So here he is, he’s off to discover London’s work, and he shows it to you, he licks it, he gives it his scrolls, his features, his shadows – all his soul to sublimate another one.

In a word: I love all.
I can only advise you to do so.
And I know myself, I’ll find a way to make him come.

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Featured Image : from the Sea Wolf – London & Riff Reb’s

Riff Reb’s

12 Thoughts

    1. It is extraordinary, isn’t it this wave? He regularly “puts” shapes in his foam drawings – frankly, even if I don’t know if it’s published in English, his drawing is enough. And then the books he adapts are in English, so one into the other, it must be understandable. 🙂


    1. Ah I’m really glad you like it! This guy has some genius moves when he draws – there’s a board, I’m sure you’ll love it – he draws the chiourme ( you say that the chiourme ? the galley boys ) in a galley and frankly …. I bet what ? whatever you want, you’ll love it 🙂

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