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It’s almost a nice title, well, I just learned that you don’t say that the Queen is “checked”, but …. I like it, so I keep it.

J-P Brachet – Echec à la Reine

As today isn’t so far from a complete failure – I almost made you read something nice and interesting and then I got lost like a queen – so : almost is my word of the day today.

& since I don’t have anything else on my mind tonight, too bad, you’ll see the failure – it doesn’t matter, the serious point is : not to tell me that it’s great and misunderstood by everyone.

I wanted to start the adaptation for of the Lower Depths – so I reread the play – a Russian play, how do you not get lost in it?
The targets – the owners : are Mikhail and Vassilissa: 54 years old / 26 years old, both rotting like water from an old swamp.

Natasha – obviously there’s a Natasha in a Russian story – she’s an obligatory character, she’s twenty years old, she’s blonde, she has blue eyes and and and and … do you want to play her?

Abram Medvedev: Uncle – this one is worth it – you didn’t know that Medvedev was playing in a crazy play? He doesn’t play: he is order, justice and law, he is the policeman.

Vaska: he’s a thief and an occasional murderer. Of course, he’s in love with the blonde – and he maintains madame Swampy so as not to pay for his bed.

Klech is the unemployed locksmith.
Anna is his wife and she is going to freeze to death – finally from illness because she caught a cold. Do you say that ? “catch cold ?” – well, we do.

Nastia dreams of pure love and earns her living with love that is not pure.
The Baron is not Nastia’s pure love – but her…? wallet, that’s okay, the girls are so dizzy.
Bubnov sells hats – at least when he has them. Mostly he has something to drink.
Satin is a cheat – that’s enough for a lifetime.
The actor is an actor – he has a stage name to sleep outside in the rain without boots – and as a result, he drinks Bubnov’s hats.
Alliochka is a shoemaker – who cares, they don’t have shoes
Zob is a mover
and the others are who knows who – the terrible number of non-player characters who come to harass you at any moment.

Sanctuary – Borderlands 2

The action takes place in Sanctuary – because Sanctuary is the cult town of Borderlands on planet Pandora.
I’m now sticking my Russian boui-boui there, maybe in the Moxxxis Bar – so far no major problem.

And then there I was, I got tangled up in all these stupid characters.
What’s the idea of having two girls who start with N? I have to remember that there is a difference between Natasha and Nastia?

And then what opus do I take from Borderlands ? They’re not the same names – too bad, randomly on the 3rd – even if Sanctuary, in the 3rd, is a spaceship but yes sir, madam, as long as I mix everything up, I went there like a novice, thoroughly.

Here I am with Zane – the experienced hunter, the old adventurer, that’s Zane.
The mermaid Amara, with her curious special skills
Moze is the soldier who is going to have control of some kind of mechanical thing that looks like a bear – as I send us to the Russians, bears are perfect.
FL4K is the “wandering robot who loves beasts”: this charming character doesn’t kill anyone: he calls out beasts to devour the enemies in his place – and at the worst of the fight, wham, he becomes invisible. This robot is almost human.

14 characters on one side, 4 on the other / I remove from the game the two target characters: the owners, it will be a matter of fighting to get them at the end.

How do I mix it all together to have a part of that will have its importance on the stage?

First of all, I bring out all my prettiest smiles, and then also my halo of innocence – because that means 14 characters to have modeled, like this, quietly, calmly – well !!! excuse me – please, s’il vous plaît – but it will be necessary.

If I want a nice tournament, I first suggest to each team of 5 people to choose one character from the play and 4 from the game.
The 4 of the game will have for the occasion a panache/drawing that visually links them to their character. So, at random: a lock, a stiletto heel shoe, a hat, cards…. in short, the drawing that refers to the character’s specialty.

I’m forced to change the plot a bit, to give each character a real stake – and thus his team a real goal of the game.
Anna is the girl who is cold – her great struggle in life is not to freeze to death and to force her husband to go to work, so that she stops freezing in his little shirt with a hole in it.
So her team will have to fight against the husband’s team and against the elements: wind, snow, ice, frost
The husband doesn’t want to work: he fights against his wife and tries to kill her by making even more holes in her shirt – his goal is to create the inviolable lock that will give him complete and exclusive access to the kitchens.
His team will therefore have to fight against his wife’s team, arrange to find the necessary elements to make the key and not get out of the area close to the kitchens.

Vaska the thief would very much like to seduce the blonde Natasha and get rid of Madam Swamp by stealing her heap of gold: a whole team goes off to pick roses for the blonde, try to force the locksmith to work for him, and dodge Madam Swamp and her piercing gaze.

I’m not going to do it for all the characters, you’d be as lost as I am.
Actually, that’s not quite true, I’m not literally lost – I’m buried under all the possibilities that I foolishly uncovered playing with this tournament idea.

What annoys me a bit is that I’ve gone very far from the starting story – this is where I tell you again and again that I have – today – missed the goal I had set myself.
I am not totally desperate either.

I think I’ll have to take back all this mass that I set in motion but starting from the end of the play – and eliminate anything that would make me deviate, so that, no matter what quests are given to the teams, we always reach the end of the play and the real actors on stage can take over again, with planned sequences that will link the result of the tournament and the end of the play.
This is much more than just a short day’s work. But it’s doable and in fact, even if the result is still a bit far away, it’s so great to invent.

I didn’t lose you? You’re not too dismayed?
I could probably handle all this,
but on one day: mission failed

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Featured Image : MoXXXis bar in Sanctuary – Borderlands 2 – Gearbox Software

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    1. 🙂 You were absolutely right ! I came up with this title because of the French: we say “echec à la reine” – then like you check & mate when we took the king. But our word “échec” is translated in English as “failure”. Yesterday I was in the middle of failure – as it wasn’t very literary, I came to think of the game of chess, and since I got lost like a queen : failure to the Queen -> check on the Queen… 😀 The paths of my thinking are sometimes a little crooked, it’s true.

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