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Video Game : Borderlands 3 / Play : Lower Depths

Stubbornness is my major flaw – having crashed against the wall yesterday, inevitably today, I’m starting again.

My problem was too big, so I’m going to cut it into smaller pieces.
And since I don’t see why I won’t give in to the easy way out, I give in. So I start with the easy part: what kind of quests can we offer to Borderlands 3 players invited to participate in the Lower Depths show?

Moreover, in this case, we are in the theme: The Fool, Sheogorath is not far away, the goal will not be to have epic quests, combat quests, adventure quests but quests related to burlesque, comedy, madness.

So I have to identify, character by character, which quests could be associated – and which ones should be kept or given more prominence because they are related to the theme of the madman – so main quest, secondary quests.

If you want to remember the characters, the article is called: Check on the Queen.

The e.sport game will have two different moments: the first moment puts all the characters in play – and they must complete their quests by trying to remove their opponents.
At the end of this first moment, four of the twelve starting characters/teams will be left and they will have four ways to win :
1 – kill the owners and hope that others will be blamed instead – otherwise it’s gulag and end of game for the team.
2 – rob the owners hoping to find enough money to get out of the misery of the moment.
3 – ally with the owners, and never have any more problems in life
4 – divide the owners and use their division to take their place.

The team that achieves one of the 4 solutions eliminates the others.
But this team hasn’t won yet – because they all play against me and I Altair cheat – choices 1 and 2 are the easiest and quickest – but they are risky because they are not insured.
The moment Altair wins, the play is back on stage, exactly with the original text and a little mention about the fact that the theatre always wins in the end – just to make the others rage.
Choices 3 and 4 take longer to put in place – but for the moment, the team that manages to do that will have won, Altair will have lost – or no, wait, there will be a time limit -.

So I still have to pose for the 12 characters of the quests that will direct them to one of the 4 possibilities.
Do you want an example?

Junie Astor as Natasha

The blonde 20-year-old Natasha is a character I’m not too interested in – and normally will be neglected by gamers too. She is too ‘young first‘. So I need to associate her with one of the best quests – to increase the interest in playing with her.

The blonde Natasha will be badass for the first time in her character’s life. So she will have to be trained – quickly please – so that she can achieve her goal: to steal the heart and the knife of the thief-murderer sometimes. She will have to know how to use the agility of an old alley cat to succeed in getting around Vaska the thief’s attention: she starts with a sports infiltration mission. She will only be able to leave with one object: the heart or the knife. When she arrives on the scene, she will be able to: keep the thief’s heart – and he will definitely be her ally; use the knife to kill the thief – and he will definitely be out of the game; keep the knife with the thief’s prints to use it at the end to kill the targets: the owners.

Natasha thus becomes an interesting character to end the tournament, because she has enough to make someone else bear the guilt – or if she chooses to keep the thief’s heart, she becomes a necessary ally for the second possibility: stealing from the owners.
She has developed her physical abilities – she can master infiltration – she will be perfect for solutions 1 and 2.
The four Borderlands characters in her team are not there to look pretty, obviously.
Already because those of the team of the thief Vaska will not want to let her: there will necessarily be fights between the two teams –
Second, because she’s blonde and she’s the most beautiful in a world full of drunks and bullies – getting rid of stalkers won’t be easy.
Amara and Moze could take care of Vaska’s team.
Zane from training and close protection of the pretty blonde – who at first can’t do anything at all. And she can’t die : if she dies, the team looses.
FL4K the animal lover robot will have all the rights on the horde of drunks
Natasha is the only member of the team who cannot die.
The others will function in a more classic way, with reappearance after a few seconds.

I want to at least try an alpha/beta like that – even though it’s pretty hard because the targets will necessarily be the character players and it’s going to be pretty hard.

Do you see what this could do?
And again, I’m only at the beginning, with interactions only between two teams – and there will be interactions with all teams – but since each team has a different goal, with a different location – they all will have to manage these interactions without wasting time.

In addition, teams can plan to team up for the second part.
If we imagine a 2nd time with a Natasha/Vaska alliance, because she has taken the thief’s heart, the two teams will leave together – presumably to achieve the 2nd solution.
If Vaska’s team wants to win in the end, they will have to think about getting the thief’s heart back. If not, Natasha’s team will win.

All right, I can predict multi-team wins – it’s in the air now.
All right, let’s foresee the possibility of multi-team victories together against the poor owners.

But let’s leave room for each alliance to be broken – it adds spice to the game.

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Featured Image : Junie Astor as Natasha & Jean Gabin as Vaska / Les Bas-Fonds, directed by Jean Renoir. Wasn’t she a wonderful Natasha ?

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