E3 21

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E3 : the show, the Festival, the video game event – it ended this Tuesday.

It has been a series of conferences and announcements by the big video game industries: what games are announced for the coming year, what developments are planned, possible, possible to reveal.

I was not disappointed – it’s not true at all to say that. I wasn’t that surprised either.
To cut a long story short, there are not really any incredible announcements from the “big” guys: they are just making soup again in already well used pots – it’s a well-tried cooking technique that makes good soup, and I’m not the French girl who will tell you otherwise.

Ubisoft brings out an online game to learn how to play the guitar in a fun way – Michel Ancel’s touch, even if he’s not here anymore.

Announcements of sequels, remakes, remastering as if it was raining.
I even saw the reappearance of the title Metroïd – which had disappeared for me into the abyss of the infernal space of oblivion.

Borderlands is coming back as a movie – I told you, this game has more than enough to invent itself in stage form, it has enough well-characterized characters to make it feasible.

To find a little more fun and novelty, you have to look at the games developed for computers.
These are small studios, all of them have not yet played the port for a console – there will be if the game launches – and so, as usual, since they have nothing to lose, they go all out – and it becomes interesting.
I saw a kind of dodgeball game going on that I thought was quite zany and refreshing : Dodgeball Acadomia.

My little weakness for the sea made me lean towards Far – the second title, more accomplished with a planned port to console.
And here we are, lost in the middle of the waters that have decided to take back their territory, on board a thing – it looks like an ugly pipe closed with tape, with weird sails – and we’ll call it a boat.

As for this game – which is still not very clear on the side: what to do in game? – I admit that it’s the atmosphere and the shots that make me want to stay with it and go see it when it’s finished – is it my age that’s getting to me? Here I am, falling in love with sets older than I am – nevertheless, Contraband is a promising game.

The pearl ? well, it was so announced – it is Elden Ring.
I will spend more time on it and … for the moment I like it because I like it – it’s not enough.

Yes, yes, this is going to be a bully game – you don’t like bullies? it’s for bullies with a little epic sensibility and a definite love for somewhat grandiose scenery and utterly monstrous monsters.
Poetic bullies – perfectly.

My opinion is not fixed, I have not seen enough of this E3.
But still – by the sniff of it – I have the impression that everyone is going in circles.
Isn’t that a shame?

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