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Uprising is a ballet that enters the Paris Opera’s repertoire this year.
It was created about ten years ago by Hofesh Shechter – who has become a major figure in Dance.

and so what ? What, what ? I can’t ear that you don’t care.

Entering the repertoire is not like entering a store – it’s just a major consecration – for a major work.

So, no, it’s not a good idea to pass it up.

Uprising is a ballet by a composer who is not into softness or tenderness.
It is largely more in urban sounds, it goes fast, it is overwhelming, it is stressful, it is rhythmic – and it is downright manly

It’s very difficult to put words to dance – that’s the whole point of dance, it’s another language.

What can I tell you about it? That this ballet tells you about this energy that we spend our time repressing, because we have to be civilized – kind – gentle – nice.
That this energy comes out, anyway, at any time, because we are not civilized, kind, gentle and nice – not always.
That there are rules, laws, constraints above us that crush us to the ground.
But that we get up
But that we fight
But that we won’t die because of it.

These are choreographies that have passed the great distinctions between dance chapels – who cares about chapels?
You’ll find the infinite grace of classical and the astonishing power of urban dance – & a corps de ballet dancing on the floor as in any contemporary dance ballet.

But – and here I love this guy – Shechter doesn’t pretend to create a dance “to be understood” – he doesn’t work for dark hats with hollow heads and insipid words.
He says it himself: he creates dances to watch, to experience, to feel, dances without pretense – without a message that will open the eyes of all mankind – in short, a show that honors art and audience.

And here is a new choreographer to keep in mind…. finally “new” – it is very relative the novelty in the field of the living spectacle.

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Featured Image : Uprising – Hofesh Shechter Company

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